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Marvel Original Graphic Novels

See Salvador Larroca Evolve on X-Men: No More Humans

Take a sneak peek at exclusive inked pages from the new original graphic novel and hear from editor Nick Lowe about the artis

By Ben Morse

As recently announced, Marvel’s mutants return to the realm of original graphic novels for the first time in over 30 years this May with X-MEN: NO MORE HUMANS. Mike Carey—no stranger to the Children of the Atom—serves as writer on the project, while the art assignment goes to Salvador Larroca, the ever-evolving draftsman who has been honing his skills on the likes of Wolverine and Cyclops since 2000.

X-Men: No More Humans cover by Salvador Larroca

“As this is the first X-Men OGN we’ve done in decades, I wanted to make sure we had someone with gravitas, and as Salva has proven, he’s got the goods,” explains Senior Editor Nick Lowe on selecting the creative team for NO MORE HUMANS. “Not every artist can draw and X-Men book that feels right. Salva has shown us time and time again he can do that, so it was a perfect match.”

Larroca has depicted just about every X-Man under the sun in various runs on multiple mutant-centric titles, so while NO MORE HUMANS focuses primarily on Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, Emma Frost, Beast and Magneto according to Lowe, he’ll get to show off that familiarity throughout the story.

Not one to rest on his artistic laurels despite continued commercial success, Larroca has perfected multiple styles in working with Marvel’s top characters. Lowe promises we will see the artist at the top of his game:

“Salva has reinvented himself [many times] over the last 20 years and he’s done it again here. If I had to guess, the style he’s creating for this OGN is something of a hybrid between his X-TREME X-MEN work and the style he used on INVINCIBLE IRON MAN that launched him into the stratosphere.

“But that’s just me jibber-jabbering—take a look at the gorgeous pages [below] and you can see for yourself.”

X-MEN: NO MORE HUMANS hits stores on May 7

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