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Gerry Duggan talks about a major milestone for Wade Wilson plus see the full guest list!



Save the date, True Believers! The Merc with the Mouth marches down the aisle this year in the pages of DEADPOOL, and you're invited!

Following his heated feud with S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel's least eligible bachelor carries his new bride across the ruined threshold of the fourth wall. That's right! As if we needed any more excuse to hurl wads of rice at his head, Deadpool's getting married. Is the dowry worth a king's ransom, or did Cupid finally manage to loose a full quiver into Wade's hiney?

We spoke to series writer Gerry Duggan about the big day, and whether love truly conquers all.

Deadpool wedding invitation I think we all knew Deadpool would settle down some day, mostly so he could wear a top hat. Why is now the time?

Gerry Duggan: Well, we do try to look at our DEADPOOL as one toboggan ride down a mountain, albeit without any brakes and our toboggan is on fire, but the answer is fairly simple: after "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly," Deadpool was devastated, and he [doesn't] do well in the next arc either. All he wanted was to process what he had been through in a quiet manner, but the rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gorman put a price on his head, making that impossible. There are some changes coming in the relationship between he and Preston, and that will affect Deadpool, too. He hasn't lived a life. He hasn't really been in control of his destiny and he's lonely.

He's never been alone. He used to have himself to talk to, [and] then he had Preston. Now maybe he'll have someone else to share parts of his life with. His bride-to-be is a pretty good match. Who's the lucky lady or, ya know, whatever?

Gerry Duggan: That is a closely guarded secret. Let's just say it's either a woman you've met before, or one you haven't yet. It's every little girl's dream. But we never got an RSVP card asking if we wanted chimichangas or chimichangas!

Gerry Duggan: Deadpool has always been prone to rash decisions, and getting married almost out of the blue is evidence of that. So, no pre-nup then.

Deadpool #27 cover by Scott Koblish

Gerry Duggan: Once you read the end of "Deadpool Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D." you'll see how marriage is actually a logical step in Deadpool's story. It's all connected. If that story had not landed properly, it would have screwed up the next year of stories. Luckily, I think the tracks have been properly placed for Deadpool's wedding, and the arc that follows which I hope will be one of Deadpool's most important chapters. We're complicating his life and we'll be pulling him in different directions. I think that's something that everyone can relate to, and will lead to some more fun comic books. Are they registered anywhere? What do you get the merc who blows up everything?

Gerry Duggan: Blood Bath & Beyond, Laceration Hardware, and Macy's. Gerry, this is not my first super hero wedding. These don't always go well. Villains take advantage of the solemnity of the day. Is there a plan in place for wedding crasher situations?

Gerry Duggan: Marvel's villains are pretty opportunistic; I think they'll let Deadpool be the bad guy here. There's a reason that #27 is our big wedding issue, and I don't want to spoil anything but #28 is called "The Annulment."

DEADPOOL editor Jordan D. White: As a duly appointed representative of Marvel Comics, I hereby certify that Gerry is joking and that is NOT what issue #28 is called. Is this a kissing book? 

Gerry Duggan: Keep your shirt on and let me read it to you.

Keep checking back on for more details on DEADPOOL and the wedding of Wade Wilson...

      ...but first, a full list of the characters that appear on the cover to DEADPOOL #27:

      1. Devil Dinosaur

      2. Snowbird

      3. Moon-Boy

      4. Shaman

      5. Sasquatch

      6. Guardian

      7. Northstar

      8. Aurora

      9. Vindicator

      10. Marrina

      11. Pixie

      12. Starfox

      13. White Tiger

      14. Union Jack

      15. The Collective Man

      16. Spitfire

      17. Giant Man

      18. The Vision

      19. The Collective Man

      20. Alexis

      21. Silver Surfer

      22. Red Guardian

      23. D-Man

      24. Velocidad

      25. Quicksilver

      26. Transonic

      27. Wiccan

      28. Lucy in the Sky

      29. Groot

      30. Prodigy

      31. Drax

      32. Gamora

      33. Mantis

      34. The Collective Man

      35. The original Angel

      36. Ghost Rider

      37. Madrox the Multiple Man

      38. Madrox the Multiple Man

      39. Madrox the Multiple Man

      40. Scarlet Spider

      41. Quasar

      42. Jim Hammond, the Original Human Torch

      43. Venom

      44. Colleen Wing

      45. Misty Knight

      46. Ch'od

      47. Cr'reee

      48. Darkhawk

      49. Star-Lord

      50. B'Nee (Warstar)

      51. C'cil (Warstar)

      52. Gravity

      53. The Fin

      54. 3-D Man

      55. Nighthawk

      56. Rage

      57. Tigra

      58. Scintilla

      59. Starbolt

      60. Neuron

      61. Oracle

      62. Mentor

      63. Earthquake

      64. Fang

      65. Electron

      66. Manta

      67. Hussar

      68. Pulsar (also known as Impulse)

      69. Fin Fang Foom

      70. The Watcher

      71. Red Raven

      72. Stingray

      73. Dust

      74. The Shroud

      75. Hobgoblin

      76. Astra

      77. Gladiator

      78. Man-Thing

      79. Amadeus Cho

      80. Shanna the She-Devil

      81. Son of Satan

      82. Eye-Robot

      83. The Champion

      84. Red Hulk

      85. Sif

      86. Valkyrie

      87. Fandral

      88. Hogun

      89. Volstagg

      90. Beta Ray Bill

      91. Odin

      92. Hercules

      93. Balder

      94. Thor-Girl

      95. Machine Man

      96. Daredevil

      97. Spider-Man

      98. Darla Deering

      99. Lockjaw

      100. Hairball

      101. Frog Thor

      102. Ms. Lion

      103. Onome

      104. Alex Power

      105. Tong

      106. Korr

      107. Mik

      108. Sunspot

      109. Forbush Man

      110. Captain Universe

      111. Hawkeye

      112. Photon

      113. Manifold

      114. Black Panther

      115. Captain Marvel

      116. Smasher

      117. Abyss

      118. Falcon

      119. Hyperion

      120. Starbrand

      121. Nightmask

      122. M-11

      123. Namora

      124. Venus

      125. Jimmy Woo

      126. Gorilla Man

      127. Black Swan

      128. Wu

      129. Vil

      130. Dragon Man

      131. Iceman

      132. Nova

      133. Havok

      134. Rogue

      135. Storm

      136. Captain Britain

      137. Meggan

      138. Gargoyle

      139. Sunfire

      140. The Scarlet Witch

      141. Wonder Man

      142. The Beast

      143. Namor

      144. Blue Marvel

      145. Iron Fist

      146. Quentin Quire

      147. Kid Gladiator

      148. Honey Lemon

      149. Gorgon

      150. Karnak

      151. Black Bolt

      152. Triton

      153. Cannonball

      154. Ex Nihilo

      155. Dagger

      156. Cloak

      157. Jubilee

      158. Shogo

      159. Psylocke

      160. Benjamin Deeds

      161. Fabio Medina

      162. Magneto

      163. Eva Bell

      164. Cyclops

      165. Emma Frost

      166. Elsa Bloodstone

      167. Kitty Pryde

      168. Lockheed

      169. The Thing

      170. Human Torch

      171. Invisible Woman

      172. Mr. Fantastic

      173. Medusa

      174. Crystal

      175. Yondu

      176. Raunak

      177. Moon Knight

      178. Spider-Woman

      179. Anarchist

      180. Doop

      181. The original Cyclops

      182. The original Marvel Girl

      183. The original Iceman

      184. The original Beast

      185. Rachel Summers

      186. Magik

      187. Colossus

      188-190. The Stepford Cuckoos

      191. Triage

      192. Broo

      193. Iron Man

      194. Thor

      195. Franklin Richards

      196. Val Richards

      197. Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

      198. Brian Posehn

      199. Scott Koblish

      200. Val Staples

      201. Axel Alonso

      202. Mike Hawthorne

      203. Dr. Strange

      204. The Hulk

      205. The Impossible Man

      206. Squirrel Girl

      207. Lady Deadpool

      208. Siryn

      209. Domino

      210. The Wasp

      211. Captain America

      212. Wolverine

      213. The Bride

      214. Deadpool

      215. Cable

      216. Nightcrawler

      217. She-Hulk

      218. Luke Cage

      219. Declan Shalvey

      220. Jordie Bellaire

      221. Gerry Duggan

      222. Zombie Headpool

      223. Widget

      224. Rocket Raccoon

      225. Artie

      226. Leech

      227. Danielle Jones-Cage

      228. Jessica Jones

      229. Jordan White

      230. Evil Deadpool

      231. Monkey Joe

      232. Dogpool

      233. Krakoa

      234. Katie Power

      235. Jack Power

      236. Puck



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      I do not see Thor. anyone else?  yes there is frog thor


      Yey sif !!!!!!!


      I thought Wolverine was deadpools  enemy yet he is going to his wedding

      jagardner member

      I notice that Outlaw isn't in the crowd...


      Could be Mary Jane... in a new divertissement of Mephisto. :P


       No no .. I think the lady death entity will be his wife. She likes Deadpool more than Thanos. :P


      There are some pretty suspicious wedding attendees: Red Raven and Monkey Joe, for example, are dead!


      Where is the rest of the Great Lakes Avengers (or Initiative or whatever they are now)?


      I bet Domino catches the bouquet with her luck.

      rj155500 member

      No Phantom X?  Boooooooooo!


      I don't see Elektra in the crowd, could she be the "lucky" lady.


      Ohhh no... and... Where is Mephisto? Wasn´t he invited? luckily maybe she could be the lady death... I´m sorry for Thanos. :P


      Where's Squirrelpool? He should be banging...I mean hanging with Squirrel Girl!


      They've missed out who the two are behind Uatu


      Registered at "Blood Bath and Beyond"... LOL. I like the Simpsons too.


      @4dheran He only there so that when the priest asks if anyone objects to the union, he can shout "I object bub!"


      Mephisto ... with what he likes weddings. :P


      @james.tebby They are on the list, but the picture is cropped, it's Scarlet Spider and Quasar.