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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Thanos by Jim Starlin

The cosmic creator guides the Mad Titan against the Avengers, the Silver Surfer and more!

Jim Starlin, king of all things creatively cosmic, and Thanos will be reunited once again in the THANOS: THE INFINITY REVELATION original graphic novel later this year. To celebrate, Unlimited Highlights brings you five issues starring the devilish conqueror in all his godlike glory via Marvel Unlimited!


The Mad Titan Thanos and his vast fleet approach Earth with extinction on their agenda. The Avengers must stop the fearsome dictator, and take to the stars for a battle that will shake the very pillars of the galaxy! But, if this heroic interstellar assemblage fails and they fall to Thanos' mighty hand, the entire universe may simply cease to exist.


Thanos once again threatens all of existence in his insane bid for Death's affection. He now seeks the six Infinity Gems, with which he will be nigh omnipotent. Yet before he claims infinite power, he must wrest the stones from their current owners, demigods one and all. Will Thanos best the In-Betweener, Champion, and the Gardener and win his prize?


Nothing can stop Thanos now that he wields the Infinity Gauntlet. One by one the Titan trounces Earth's heroes in open combat. He batters the Hulk, suffocates Cyclops, turns Wolverine's bones to rubber, and obliterates the Scarlet Witch without breaking a sweat. The only beings who stand the slimmest sliver of a chance hang just outside the killing field: Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer. They have a plan, but what chance does it stand against the Infinity Gems?


Pharaoh Akhenaten returns to Earth, reviving his 4,000 year-old reign. He represents the Celestial Order, and those that worship and obey will find themselves rewarded. Those that challenge him face obliteration. The X-Men suffer Akhenaten's wrath, and the rest of the world's heroes soon follow. Now the fate of the planet rests in the hands of Doctor Doom, the Defenders, and--Thanos?!

THANOS (2003) #1

Have you ever wondered how Thanos, the maniacal purple alien obsessed with death, started on his path of destruction? The son of Titan's king, he emerged flawed, deviant, and different. He worshipped power and dabbled in black arts long forgotten, and ended up exiled for his cruelty. When Thanos finally returned to Titan, he did so as a conqueror, bringing only fire and death to his home world. It all starts here folks!

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