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Next Big Thing

Replay the Original Sin Chat

Learn all about the first major comics event of 2014 from writer Jason Aaron!

Get the answers behind the ominous image above and much more from Original Sin writer Jason Aaron about Original Sin! Replay our chat below!

Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Marvel is proud to announce Original Sin, the eight-part blockbuster comic event of the summer, from writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato Jr.!

On the moon, the dead body of Uatu, the Watcher is discovered. His home destroyed. Looted of its valuable alien technology. Now, the manhunt is on. And the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe including Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Widow and more are on the hunt for his murderer.

But no one is ready for the secret knowledge the Watcher held. Secrets that will shake the Marvel Universe and it’s heroes to their very core!

"This is basically a crime story. A murder mystery. A manhunt. But with the entirety of the Marvel Universe as its backdrop," said Jason Aaron. "We're taking all the toys out of their packaging for this one. Everyone and everything is in play. For some characters, life will never be the same again. And it's only a matter of time before more bodies are popping up."

What did the Watcher see? And who wanted him dead because of it? With the greatest secrets of the Marvel Universe in the hands of his killer, it won’t be long before the shocking truth comes out! And even the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe are not safe from the skeletons in their closets. All sins come with a price, and this summer the truth can cost your life! This is...Original Sin!

ORIGINAL SIN #1 also includes a code for a free digital copy of the very same comic on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices.

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      The key phrase in this podcast was "LIVING TRIBUNAL UNCONCIOUS OR DEAD"... Now as far as I know, nothing or/and nobody

      the MARVEL-U over is capable of doing this, except "THE ONE ABOVE ALL"  a.k.a. Stan the man... (respectively) So hearing that,

      leads me to assume something at least the size of the Black Galaxy saga or a story of INFINITY status is possibly in the works, if

      not twice to thrice as big...

      More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comics/2014/1/8/21709/replay_the_original_sin_chat#ixzz2qMMwLAwH



      Anyone heard the phrase "shake the marvelU to it's core" before?


          The living TRIBUNAL dead, or even seeming like it!! Now I've been reading since I was in J.H.S., I am 40 now & I smell the start of an extremely serious, seriously serious EPIC brewing!!????


      I thought this already happened in the mid 90s when Tom Defalco was writing Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom killed Uatu and took his power.


      Secrets being revealed? Then please have someone tell all the other idiots in the Marvel Universe too dunce too notice that Doctor freaking Octopus is living in Spider-Man's body!!!! Uatu had to have seen that!!!!

      HudsonHouse member

      Did the person who killed the Watcher kill the Tribunal?


      X-factor is onto something...

      camcan member

      Someone killed a Watcher?

      medievaldragon member

      @camcanThere is actually some depth in this image. One can think someone has killed the Watcher, but maybe it is not to be taken literally.

      If you see the context of the image, the eyes are bleeding out. Someone is ripping the Watcher's eyes out to prevent him from watching an upcoming event so it is not recorded.

      Or maybe that someone wishes to use the Watcher's eyes for his own machinations. What would the eyes of the Watcher grant the person donning his eyes?

      Another interesting thought that comes to mind ... can a Watcher actually become human? Imagine the all-powerful Watcher who has always watched things from high above, reborn as a human. Thor --> Donald Blake experience.


      @camcanOh man that would be... what would even happen? That'd be a cool story element though if the watcher wouldn't allow something that earth's mightiest thought needed to be so they kill him so when he's not looking they break the rules to save their universe or something. Do the watchers have regenerations like doctors from doctor who?