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Over seven decades ago, history occurred with the debut of Captain America in 1941. 70 years later, Steve Rogers and his star-spangled alter ego have grown to iconic status, remaining a mainstay of the Marvel Universe while also expanding into the realms of television, film and more.

On April 4, 2014, the Sentinel of Liberty returns to the big screen in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" from Marvel Studios. As the countdown to Chris Evans picking up the shield once more heats up, we present the definitive comics history of Cap, from his debut to the modern day.

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Death and rebirth; never before did those two words make an impact on Captain America's life more than in the monumental years of 1994 and 1995, as he found himself fighting for his life and striving to make his last moments meaningful and memorable.

After a quick history lesson of Cap's first encounter with Namor the Sub-Mariner in CAPTAIN AMERICA #423 and a chance to help a super villain reform in CAPTAIN AMERICA #424, Steve Rogers learned an awful truth in CAPTAIN AMERICA #425: the Super-Soldier serum in his blood had run its course. With only a year left to live, Cap vowed to fight on.

A new Super-Patriot disguised as our hero in CAPTAIN AMERICA #426 tried to make Cap look bad in public, but failed horribly. When seemingly dead adversaries appeared to attack once more in CAPTAIN AMERICA #427, the Sentinel of Liberty faced them down and then ran off to save both his former girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal and current flame Diamondback. In CAPTAIN AMERICA #428 a psychopathic crook-killer called Americop heated things up for the Avenger, leading to a showdown in CAPTAIN AMERICA #429 in New Orleans. Cap grew so weak from the failing serum that it took both Diamondback and the Black Widow to rescue him from Damon Dram and his cronies.

A new heroine called Free Spirit burst onto the scene in CAPTAIN AMERICA #431 and helped battle Baron Zemo in CAPTAIN AMERICA #432 and #433. Star-spangled heroes seemed to pop out of the woodwork then, as another one, Jack Flag, crashed the party in CAPTAIN AMERICA #434. He too needed Cap's guidance to lead him down a better path in CAPTAIN AMERICA #435.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #436, Steve Rogers could no longer deny the inevitable: his ultimate end as the Super-Soldier serum wore away grew ever nearer. After a cataclysmic battle with Mr. Hyde and Cobra, Cap collapsed, leaving it to his new partners and Force Works to mop up in CAPTAIN AMERICA #437. With new armor to prolong his career in CAPTAIN AMERICA #438, the Star-Spangled Avenger confronted the loud-mouthed Flag Smasher and then admitted his failing health to his friends.

Though dying, Cap took on Dead Ringer and Super-Patriot in CAPTAIN AMERICA #439, then went after A.I.M. on their island in CAPTAIN AMERICA #440 and #441. Teaming with his German counterpart Vormund in CAPTAIN AMERICA #442, Steve hunted Blitzkrieger, who sought the deaths of a group of heroes from the 1940's. Then, finally, the end loomed over him, unavoidable.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #443 detailed the last 24 hours of Steve's life as he embraced his friends and said his goodbyes. Finally, he disappeared, preferring to meet his demise on his own. The Avengers answered a call in CAPTAIN AMERICA #444 to tackle a nest of terrorists who called for Cap's head--but the Sentinel of Liberty could not be found.

Awakening in a strange facility in CAPTAIN AMERICA #445, Steve Rogers learned he'd been given a blood transfusion which saved him from death and granted him a new lease on life. He'd need it, as in CAPTAIN AMERICA #446 he also learned that his eternal foe, the Red Skull, had transformed the world into a nightmarish New Reich, a dire situation which called for Captain America to put it to right.

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