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All-New Marvel NOW!

Assess the All-New X-Factor Team

Read staff appraisals on Gambit, Polaris and Quicksilver leaked from within Serval Industries by a seemingly familiar source!

In a phenomenal exclusive for Marvel.com, we've managed to get our hands on confidential Serval Industries staff appraisals for the members of the new corporate super hero team that will be appearing in ALL-NEW X-FACTOR beginning this week!

These first-hand reports by Serval CEO Harrison Snow come to us direct from an insider who would only identify himself as "PAD." The documents offer a unique insight into the company's plans for new recruits Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit, including Snow's concerns about the team, and some of the team members' thoughts about one another.

ALL-NEW X-FACTOR writer Peter A. David could not be reached for comment.

Wait a minute...Peter A. David...PAD...Could it be...?

It's probably just a coincidence.

Polaris by Carmine Di Giandomenico


Lorna Dane. Mutant with the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energies. Former member of the X-Men; former member of X-Factor Investigations. Daughter of Magneto. Team leader of the new X-Factor.

Strengths: A solid history of super heroics; emotional connections to other leaders (ex: Havok) from which she may well have garnered experience. A determination to prove her worth that would suggest a capability of extreme devotion to the company.

Weaknesses: Mental stability is still called into question.  Firmly believes that she is under control, but has yet to perform under circumstances that could be considered challenging.

Objectives: Her determination to prove her worth will prompt her to align with company interests and not question orders too closely. Handled correctly, she can become a vital part of Serval's interests.

Peer Feedback: "She's a great kid but has a habit of leaping without looking.  She needs someone to watch her back, and I'm pretty sure that's going to be me." - Gambit.

Appraisal Rating: 'A' for potential

Quicksilver by Kris Anka


Pietro Maximoff. Mutant with the ability to move at superhuman speed. Former member of the Avengers; former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Son of Magneto.

Strengths: Having experienced the super human life from both sides, he brings the capability of extreme insight into the actions and motivations of super villains. Relation to Polaris (half-brother) would suggest that he would provide a sounding board to her, provided she is able to trust him sufficiently.

Weaknesses: His loyalty is curious. Ostensibly a member of the Avengers, he claims he had a falling out with them but is disinclined to provide any details. Will have to be monitored closely.

Objectives: His dedication to his sister's interests can be manipulated to foster loyalties to Serval's goals. 

Peer Feedback: "Still not sure what his deal is, but as long as he obeys orders and doesn't try to screw us over, I guess he can hang around." - Polaris.

Appraisal Rating: 'B' for potential

Gambit by Kris Anka


Remy LeBeau. Mutant with the ability to charge objects with explosive energy. Member of the X-Men; former member of the Thieves' Guild.

Strengths: Experienced thief. Is capable of devising methods of obtaining various objects that could be of interest to Serval Industries.

Weaknesses: A notorious dislike for authority figures. Feels inclined to address me as "Harry" rather than Harrison or Mr. Snow, a habit I detest, but I let it slide in order not to disrupt relations.

Objectives: The most problematic member of the group thus far. Polaris, however, seems certain that he can provide a valuable resource and therefore it is in the interests of keeping her stable that we are inclined to tolerate his presence, at least for the time being.

Peer Feedback: "Insufferable prig." - Quicksilver.

Appraisal Rating: 'C,' but with ability to improve

Follow the adventures of Gambit, Quicksilver and Polaris this week in ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #1 by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico!

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      I love this comic, did greats with teh Quicksilver, love the story, can't wait to see any All new X-factor comic!!