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The Punisher: What Would Frank Do? Pt. 2

Artist Mitch Gerads shows how Frank Castle can use any environment to his advantage!

While the deadly 131 bides its time until Frank Castle relocates to California, the road to February’s PUNISHER #1 remains paved in peril. This week, incoming writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Mitch Gerads play chicken with a few life or death scenarios for the man in black.

Earlier this week, Edmondson offered a taste of his improvisational skills, walking us through Frank’s daring escape from three mercenaries in a crowded grocery store using just a bottle of cola and a roll of breath mints. Today, Gerads steps to the plate as we ask once again, “What would Frank do?”

On sale February 5
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Marvel.com: As Frank makes his exit, he notices a fire in the parking lot. His ride is toast. Three more mercs spot him from their van and await his next move. Does he go for another vehicle in the lot, maybe a beat-up pickup or Mentos kid's Huffy? Does he hop the fence into the neighboring zoo? 

WHAT WOULD FRANK DO? (Show your work.)

Mitch Gerads: Frank makes a quick dash to the fence on the outskirts of the zoo, making sure the mercs spot him doing so. 

The Punisher #1 preview art by Mitch Gerads

Once over the fence Frank notices the zoo is closed for the night. An unsettling smile spreads across his face. With no civilians around Frank doesn't have to worry about collateral damage. Knowing that the mercs will soon be upon him he knows that the entire zoo and all its occupants are now part of his trap. 

The three mercs finally gather themselves and their gear and proceed through the front entrance of the zoo. Decked out in their tactical gear including night vision optics and state-of-the-art assault rifles, the mercs glide through the zoo confident that it's only a matter of time till they have their prey.

The Punisher #1 preview art by Mitch Gerads

After all, he's boxed-in. 

The mercs swiftly move forward. One of them raises his fist in the air silently signaling for his men to stop with him. He taps his ear, telling them to stop and listen. They hear a low rumble, and then start to feel it on the ground as well. They look up to see a fire in the far corner of the zoo. 

A fire in the shape of a skull. 

The rumble becomes a cacophony of different noises and the ground is practically quaking now. One of the mercs flips on his night-vision goggles and immediately sees all manner of animals plow through the gates and fences meant to protect them from the beasts within. Before the man can even utter his scream he's flattened by a stampeding elephant. The other two men begin to run but are similarly cut down by any number of rampant beasts.

Frank sits next to his fire that he knew would cause the animals to flee. 

"The news copters are gonna love this."

      Tomorrow, get another “What Would Frank Do?” and on February 5, PUNISHER #1 shoots onto stands!



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