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All-New Marvel NOW!

All-New Marvel NOW! Q&A: Iron Fist

Kaare Andrew sends Danny Rand on a quest for vengeance and shows what the Living Weapon can do!

Marvel’s premiere martial artist hero returns in IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON this April ably assisted by writer/artist Kaare Andrews. Danny Rand’s new adventures promise not only all the kung-fu mysticism and high-kicking action you demand, but also a mystery that threatens both Iron Fist and the other-worldly city of K’un-Lun.

Andrews filled us in on how the series lays out and what’s in store for the Immortal Weapon.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 cover by Kaare Andrews

Marvel.com: Kaare, what's your own personal history with Iron Fist? What are some of your most favorite moments from Danny's past adventures?

Kaare Andrews: Professionally, I contributed a few covers to the IMMORTAL IRON FIST run that brought the character to critical acclaim several years ago. I've always been a huge fan of martial arts, action movies and Eastern culture and I had a lot of fun working on those covers. But it wasn't until I read that first Iron Fist story in the pages of MARVEL PREMIERE #15 that I truly fell in love with the character.

That initial story of rage and revenge really connected with me. It was non-linear, had clear character motivations and was brilliantly told. It was a bit of a revelation to finally read that early work. It was so different for its time. It was written one year after Bruce Lee's death, in the height of kung-fu mania. I think this origin story has been kind of lost and forgotten but it is the primary touchstone for my upcoming book.

Marvel.com: Will we be learning of new elements in Danny’s origin?

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 preview art by Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews Much like [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Axel Alonso, I think the best stories for these characters are ones that re-explore their core components. Part of the reason why Spider-Man connects with so many people is the core of his character; "With great power comes great responsibility" is so clean and crisp. The challenge with Iron Fist is, I feel, like he's lost that connective tissue to his origin. At his heart, Iron Fist was born from vengeance. He was raised by mystical monks and offered immortality, but he traded it away to return to mortal Earth and kill the man that murdered his parents. "Revenge is a weapon that cuts both ways," is not only the core of his origin story but it is the core of most classic martial arts tales. My job is to bring Danny back to that. Re-explore what makes him who he is, the Living Weapon. And his origin story is going to be re-explored along with it.

Marvel.com: Part of IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON will be a mystery; what might hamper him in uncovering the truth of it?

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 preview art by Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews: Danny is going to be put through the wringer like never before. I love to punish my characters. To make them bleed. Watch them struggle against impossible odds, and see if they can find the strength inside themselves to survive—the truth that will be the biggest hurdle of them all. He's been hiding from it for too long. He doesn't have to uncover it, so much as survive it. The truth will be coming for him like a freight train. And there will be a reckoning.

Marvel.com: How will you approach the kung-fu aspect of the series?

Kaare Andrews: This is an old school approach. What that means is that this isn't a "look how silly it is to have a ridiculous character in kung-fu tights" approach. This isn't camp. This is serious, old school, life or death, what is the fiber of your essence, storytelling. Big stakes. Big consequences. And buckets of bloody vengeance.

Marvel.com: What sort of impact will you give K'un-Lun? Do you feel as if the city is a character in itself, and if so, what are its defining elements?

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 preview art by Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews: When Danny's parents were murdered, he was literally taken into Shangri-La. He was trained by gods to become an enlightened warrior of myth and legend, even for them. Again, these people offered him immortality. And instead, he chose death. And it wasn't for altruistic reasons, it was for revenge. He turned his back on city that saved him and there will be consequences. They say, before you embark on a journey of revenge, you better dig two graves. To lift a line from Scott Adkins, "they're going to need a lot more than that."

Marvel.com: What supporting cast will you use? New characters? Will we see Misty Knight or Luke Cage?

Kaare Andrews: There's been a lot of great work done telling stories about Danny and his kooky friends all living in his friendly urban neighborhood. That's not the story I'm interested in telling. If you are looking for characters like Luke Cage or Misty Knight, you will have to look somewhere else. This isn't a story about a man and his friends, helping each other overcome impossible odds. In the truest sense of a classic kung-fu movie, this is a singular journey.

Martial arts isn't a team sport, it's about one person facing another. And another. And then maybe 100 more. The story I am telling is the story of a man being pulled straight into hell to face the demons of his past. There will be no one to help him when he needs it most. And he's going to need it.

Marvel.com: And the villains of IRON FIST? What makes for the very best adversaries for Danny?

Kaare Andrews: I love a good villain. And I'm bringing back the villains of Danny's past in ways that may shock you. That's all I can say about that.

      IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON #1 kicks its way on sale in print and digital this April

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      losthero15 member

      I'm excited to see Danny get back into the spotlight but I am not sure if I like how it seems to be ignoring Immortal.  Th series is what made me fall in love with the character.