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All-New Marvel NOW!

The Punisher: What Would Frank Do? Pt. 3

Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads give their respective takes on the final chapter of a Frank Castle mini-adventure!

On February 5, Frank Castle brings his signature brand of justice to the Pacific coastline, earning the ire of a mysterious group called the 131. Even vastly out-numbered, Frank tows years of combat training and dirty deeds in his wake. Still, probably a good idea to keep Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads on their toes in advance of PUNISHER #1.

This week, writer and artist have tag-teamed a small-scale Punisher adventure, starting in a bustling grocery store, then on to a fire-fight at a zoo; today we conclude the exercise, leading Frank into a final confrontation. Edmondson and Gerads each get a stab at the question, “What Would Frank Do?” offering their own alternative getaway plans. 

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Marvel.com: The vengeful mothers of all six mercenaries descend upon the zoo in a commandeered news helicopter, spooking all of the animals back into their respective enclosures. The mercenary mamas open fire on Frank from above with SMGs. Oh, no! Grazed in the leg, Frank sprawls on the ground. A brave orangutan takes up Frank's Uzi and returns fire. This gives the Punisher enough cover to scramble over the fence and onto the grounds of a now-abandoned carnival. He staggers toward a colorful tent as dust and spilt popcorn kicks up in the bluster of the pursuing helicopter. 

WHAT WOULD FRANK DO? (Show your work.)

The Punisher #1 preview art by Mitch Gerads

Nathan Edmondson: Frank slinks into the carousel and watches the circling helo from the shadows. He’s not a stranger to a parent’s grief, and he doesn’t plan on killing any women today.  

There’s nowhere to run, though. Beyond the maze of the carnivals an open field; beyond that parking lots and streets. He can’t outrun the helo.  

But he can bring it down. He runs to the Duck Shoot! game, and breaks the lock on the door. He finds himself among oversized teddy bears and toy snakes and, as he flips through the racks, exactly what he’s looking for: cheap laser pointers. He takes one of the BB guns from the shooting bench and rips it from its security tether. He lays it down and rips a teddy bear, unraveling an elastic thread. He uses this to tie a half-dozen laser pointers around the tip of the gun, all twisted so that they’re on. Outside, the roar of the helo vibrates the shack as it passes over. 

The Punisher #1 preview art by Mitch Gerads

Frank steps out with the gun raised. He waits for the helicopter to come around again. He raises the BB gun as the pilot comes into view, and looks down the sight at the pilot’s face. The lasers buzz the flyer’s eyes—Frank keeps the aim steady—and the pilot is blinded. The helo veers, and begins to coast. The tail clips the ferris wheel and suddenly the helo is spinning out of control toward the field. The pilot struggles to right the craft but can’t see which way is which. Frank is gone, sprinting back past the zoo toward the city as the helicopter and its band of angry women lands with a violent jolt—but all the passengers are safe.

Marvel.com: Precise, with minimal collateral damage. Now it’s Mitch’s turn to answer, WHAT WOULD FRANK DO?!

The Punisher #1 preview art by Mitch Gerads

Mitch Gerads: Frank stumbles into the brightly colored carnival tent. For a second he ponders the ridiculousness that someone has put a traveling carnival right on top of one of his many weapons caches he keeps throughout the city. Frank emerges from the tent 60 seconds later as the Merc Moms' helicopter is making its descent to land. One of the mothers, a rather large ornery looking lady holding an AK-47 and a way-past done cigarette dangling from her lips, raises her gun to take some more pot shots when her eyes go wide.

Frank lets loose an RPG from the rocket launcher atop his shoulder a mere 50 feet below them. BOOM! GOES THE HELICOPTER!

Frank tosses the launcher aside and grabs a candy apple from a nearby food cart as he blends in with the fleeing carnival crowd. 

As he exits the carnival a policeman rushes in and turns to Frank, "What the hell happened in there??" 

Frank shrugs and takes a bite out of his candy apple and through a full mouth of apple, and whatever the hell the stuff on the outside of a candy apple is made of, just says:


      On February 5, PUNISHER #1 shoots onto stands!



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      Can't wait!!!!! The Punisher is my favorite marvel Character!!!!!!!!!