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Original Sin

Walk the Road to Original Sin

Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort preview the last hours of the Watcher!

Upon discovering the Watcher, Uatu, slain in his lunar observatory, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes realize the killer also looted valuable artifacts and sensitive records. A murder mystery soon spirals into a race to halt the dissemination of their darkest secrets. Before Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato launch into that investigation with May’s ORIGINAL SIN #1, a special zero issue sheds light on the central victim and the burden of his confidence.

Original Sin #0 cover by Jim Cheung

On sale in April!
In April’s ORIGINAL SIN #0, Mark Waid and Jim Cheung invite readers to the scene of the crime before it even happens. Curiosity leads Sam Alexander, last of the Nova Corps, to Uatu’s doorstep, intent on learning more about the galaxy he’s tasked with protecting. How much does Uatu truly know of human destiny, and how willing will he be to divulge in the hours before his murder? 

We spoke to writer Mark Waid and Marvel Comics’ Executive Editor Tom Brevoort about the enigmatic man on the moon and the boy who comes knocking. 

Marvel.com: Mark, ORIGINAL SIN centers on the murder of the Watcher Uatu and the search for his killer. It could be anybody in the Marvel Universe, but fortunately you've got a pretty solid alibi. You've been pretty busy with DAREDEVIL, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK and this #0 issue. Why visit the scene of the crime before the crime's even committed? 

Mark Waid: You’re overlooking another reason why the murderer is unlikely to be me: I have a soft spot for bald guys with big, round heads who know a lot about the Marvel Universe. Maybe that was why I volunteered—campaigned—for the gig, actually; I pitched to Tom Brevoort that since it had been so very long since anyone had told a tale centered on the Watcher, maybe it was a good idea to preface ORIGINAL SIN with a comic that explained to new readers who he is and why he does what he does. And wouldn't you know it, when I really started to examine those aspects, I found a story.

Fantastic Four (1961) #13

Fantastic Four (1961) #13 Cover
The first appearance of the Watcher
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Tom Brevoort: So if you know nothing about Uatu, or you’re not up on what his deal is right now, the story in ORIGINAL SIN #0 will give you all of the information you need—in the context of an emotionally affecting story featuring the Watcher and Nova—and leave you ready for him to turn up as a cold, dead corpse in ORIGINAL SIN #1 and understand why that is so very unsettling and dangerous a situation.

Marvel.com: Tom, aside from their undeniable chops, what made Mark Waid and Jim Cheung the right match for this particular story? 

Tom Brevoort: Their undeniable chops. Plus, Mark owns a toga and knows a lot about the Marvel Universe, and Jim sometimes walks around with a bucket on his head. Kismet!

Marvel.com: Mark, you introduced young Sam Alexander in Marvel's very first Infinite Comic. He played a big part in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. He seems to have a knack for barreling into some pivotal moments in current events. 

Mark Waid: Funny how that happens. I really like Sam.

Tom Brevoort: He’s also, as a relative newbie to being a super hero, a good set of fresh eyes through which to introduce concepts to the audience; Sam tends to have the same questions that the reader has when all of these wild things start to turn up. Plus, he’s just a fun young character, brash and awkward and a little bit dopey, but with a lot of heart. So he’s easy for people to connect with. The ORIGINAL SIN #0 story is perhaps even more relevant for how it affects Sam as how it affects Uatu.

The Watcher and Nova

Marvel.com: Uatu and Sam make for a fascinating pairing, one individual seemingly at the end of his journey and one at the very beginning of what we hope is a long and illustrious career. Without giving too much away, what's the common ground? What do they make of each other? 

Mark Waid: There’s not so much "common ground" between them as there is the fact that Sam, in his naiveté and innocence, thinks early on in the story to ask a question about the Watcher that no one else has ever asked—and he sets out to find the answer.

Marvel.com: What does the Watcher do when he's not, ya know...

Mark Waid: Ha. There is no "not." Watching our universe, watching other universes, that's his around-the-clock vocation. But why does he do it? What is he looking for?

Marvel.com: There's a lot of room in that noggin for secrets. Do you suppose it was only a matter of time before the combination of Uatu's ethical code and constant peeping got him into trouble? Do you think he's culpable, or just an innocent bystander? 

The Watcher

Mark Waid: You know what happens to canaries who sing too often. "Accidents" happen. I'm not saying the Watcher knows something he's not supposed to, but it's hard to imagine he doesn't know pretty much everything.

Marvel.com: So, do you know who did it? Can you tell us?


Check in with ORIGINAL SIN #0 by Mark Waid and Jim Cheung this April!

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mikeyp420 plus member

super excited to read this one!!!!


This might be the one event I want to read. Though what was up with the "Seemingly at the of his journey." Does this mean the Watcher won't stay dead?


Watchers are actually incredibly powerful like Warlock powerful so to kill one, you'd have to be just as powerful if not more, so that leaves about five villains, I'm guessing probably Thanos.

justintefft plus member

@stueyd I don't know... It seems like Thanos is on ice for a while, but what about Thane, perhaps?  He's just newly introduced and coming off a big win over his "dad" in Infinity.


@justintefft @stueyd I completely forgot about Thane! you're right in issue 6 of Infinity he put Thanos in that like block of amber! so yeah it could be him but why Thane seemed kind of like a good guy unless Corvus took him under his wing and made him evil!