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Counting down the Best Villains of 2013 Pt. 2 reveals our top 25 list of the nastiest bad guys from the past year!



In 2013, the heroes of the Marvel Universe found themselves as ever measured by the threats they faced. Whether evil came from deep space or the urban streets, villains had a big year.

To send last year out with a bang, will be counting down our top 25 villains of 2013, as selected by staffers and freelancers. Got your own thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear them, so send them our way on Twitter @Marvel, using the hashtag #Marvel2013!

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24. NUKE

      20. SABRETOOTH

      First Appearance: IRON FIST (1975) #14
      Where He Appeared in 2013: ALL-NEW X-MEN, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN
      Why He’s #20: “For years, despite his vicious path of destruction and formidable reputation, Sabretooth has been seen as little more than a sadistic thug; a great henchman, but little more. Since returning from seeming death, Victor Creed has proven his capacity for more, taking over the Hand and serving as its most effective leader in some time. Of course aside from that and aiding Mystique in her efforts against the X-Men, Sabretooth still found time to torture Wolverine on a more personal level—he’s the world’s nastiest multi-tasker.” – Ben Morse
      Digital Comic Spotlight: ALL-NEW X-MEN #9

          19. DOCTOR DOOM

          First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #5
          Where He Appeared in 2013: FANTASTIC FOUR, FF
          Why He’s #19: “The quest for absolute power stands as Victor Von Doom’s all-consuming passion, an unquenchable desire to prove himself superior above all others and crush those who disagree beneath his heel. Recently, Doom came into conflict not with his hated enemy Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four directly, but with their temporary replacements and the Future Foundation. Of course, the Latverian tyrant transformed into Doom the Annihilating Conqueror, but being the ultimate power in the universe doesn’t actually guarantee success. And so, Doom waits and smiles beneath his iron mask and dreams of the future.” – Jim Beard
          Digital Comic Spotlight: FF (2012) #8

              17. MAGNITRON
              First Appearance: MARVEL SUPER HEROES #12
              Where He Appeared in 2013: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, CAPTAIN MARVEL
              Why He’s #17: “Just as Captain Marvel felt confident in her new role as Earth's pre-eminent star-punching Avenger, the Kree commander Yon-Rogg—the villain that inadvertently gave her powers—came back to haunt her. Wishing to drop a full-scale replica of a fallen Kree city right on top of New York, the mad Magnitron threw versions of Carol Danvers' most hated enemies at her to keep her off balance while he gathered his strength. In the end, only Captain Marvel could save New York from Magnitron's plan, a deed that ended up costing her very identity.” – Brett White
              Digital Comic Spotlight: CAPTAIN MARVEL (2012) #13

                  First Appearance: AVENGERS (1963) #8
                  Where He Appeared in 2013: UNCANNY AVENGERS
                  Why He’s Also #17: “Nobody plays the long game like Kang the Conqueror. Most recently—with ‘recently’ being a tough term to define—he spirited the Apocalypse Twins into the far future, raising them amongst concentration camps and subjecting them to incomparable horrors before they escaped to the present. But did they actually break free of their tormentor’s grasp? Did they come up with their current campaign against humanity or should Kang be held responsible? Already the time-traveling despot has begun to gather allies from across all realities, but to what end? Kang always leaves more questions than answers, but be assured one thing: he’s a villain to be feared.” – Ben Morse
                  Digital Comic Spotlight: UNCANNY AVENGERS #8AU

                      15. APEX

                      First Appearance: AVENGERS ARENA #1
                      Where She Appeared in 2013: AVENGERS ARENA
                      Why She’s #15: “Arcade may have the mastermind behind Avengers Area, the madman who filled it with deathtraps and danger, but did even he realize that one of the biggest threats in the game would turn out to be Katy Bashir, aka Apex? A student of the Braddock Academy, Katy has the power to manipulate machines, but perhaps a greater gift for manipulating people. If it hadn't been for her brother Tim, with whom she forcibly shared a body, she might easily have emerged victorious in the arena. Apex, so aptly named, proved very nearly the top of the food chain.” – Andrew Wheeler
                      Digital Comic Spotlight: AVENGERS ARENA #9


                          First Appearance: IRON MAN (2012) #6
                          Where He Appeared in 2013: IRON MAN
                          Why He’s Also #15: “This year we met 451, a rogue Rigellian recorder, from a race of sentient robots tasked with exploration and observation. Their data normally transmits back to the Rigellians, deleted from the individual recorders, but 451 remembered all that he had seen, and eventually decided that passive observation would not be enough. In a plan lasting decades, he maneuvered to manipulate the Stark family and collect a series of powerful artifacts, with the end goal of creating a human who could pilot an ancient and powerful armor known as the Godkiller. He expected that person to be Tony Stark, not realizing that Tony had been adopted and the child 451 had modified remained hidden. Failing after such a long time fighting his own programming not to interfere, 451 decided to end his own existence and delete himself from reality. Tony Stark prevented the deletion, and took possession of 451's body, as well as his immense body of knowledge collected over the eons.” – Ryan Haupt 
                          Digital Comic Spotlight: IRON MAN (2012) #9

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