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See the Sides of She-Hulk: The Party Girl

Writer Charles Soule talks about how and why Jen Walters blows off steam, plus her romantic life and more!

There's never a dull moment in the life of Jennifer Walters, the super heroine better known as the sensational She-Hulk! This jade giantess spends her mornings defending the innocent in the courtroom, her afternoons fighting super villains on the streets of Manhattan, and her nights blowing off steam at whichever club can withstand the damage. No one juggles a packed calendar quite like She-Hulk.

On sale February 12
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Instead of simply focusing on one aspect of Jen's life, SHE-HULK writer Charles Soule aims to capture every facet of the lawyer/super hero/party girl in her new ongoing series. Whereas many of her peers focus on the grim and gritty aspects of their duty, Jennifer Walters somehow manages to keep a green grin on her face.

We spoke with Soule about She-Hulk's reputation as the “party” Avenger.

Marvel.com: How much do you think Jen's She-Hulk persona catalyzed a change in her social life?

Charles Soule: Well, the traditional depiction of pre-She-Hulk Jen Walters is a mousy, tiny little lady; pretty but not necessarily glamorous. She-Hulk, on the other hand, is tall and gorgeous—essentially a bright green supermodel. In some ways, I think the green version is how Jen saw herself in some ways—it's the internal Jen blasting out into the world. With that alignment—whether superpowers are involved or not—comes confidence, and with confidence comes a more active social life. I think Jen's someone who goes out a lot, likes to have fun [and] sometimes goes a little too far but doesn't hold a lot of regrets. She doesn't really care if people judge her, because who cares, you know? She's She-Hulk, for goodness' sake, and anyone who doesn't like it is probably just jealous.

Marvel.com: Most heroes tend to have a rather tortured personal life, yet She-Hulk remains upbeat. What is it about Jen that allows her to remain positive when most of her teammates are not?

She-Hulk #1 preview art by Javier Pulido

Charles Soule: Some of that goes back to the points I addressed in the prior question, but honestly, what's the downside, you know?  Sure, she gets into scrapes, and sure, sometimes her life gets torn apart around her, but she has enough confidence in herself to know she can rebuild it if she has to.

Marvel.com: She-Hulk's always had a healthy love life. What do you think she looks for in a partner, and what's her attitude towards settling down?

Charles Soule: I think Jen can get bored easily; she's super smart, she's on the go—in so many ways—I think the idea of a true long-term relationship just seems kind of ridiculous to her. She can't even plan six months ahead. Why would she inflict that life on a partner? Now, short-term things, where everyone has a blast but no one ends up with their heart in tatters, those, she's cool with. We'll see some of that in the book—and maybe more, if the right person comes along.

Marvel.com: How much of She-Hulk's active social life is the result of her high stress day job and heroic deeds?

Charles Soule: Does she blow off steam, you mean? Absolutely. And rightly so. She deserves it, if anyone does.

Marvel.com: Most heroes with a power set that alters them physically have to come to terms with it or try to hide it; She-Hulk doesn't. She owns her body. Where did this confidence come from, and how does her confidence inform the rest of her character?

She-Hulk #1 preview art by Javier Pulido

Charles Soule: Have you seen her? She's a stunner! She's also someone who's just very sure of her own abilities, both intellectual and physical. She doesn't have a lot of time for doubt. Better to trust herself and forge ahead, and deal with problems as they come. Life's tough enough—why dwell on bad things before they happen?

Marvel.com: What role will Jen's personal life play in SHE-HULK?

Charles Soule: A significant role, that develops over time. I always like stories where you can see the beginning of a relationship, for example. There are so many fun beats to play. Also, Jen Walters has interacted with more or less the entire Marvel Universe over the years, from the Headmen to the Living Tribunal, and she calls many of those people friends. We'll see some of those people popping up in the book; a huge figure appears in issue #1, and two very cool people show up in issue #2 who will be ongoing cast members for the story. The nice thing about She-Hulk is that stories can go so many different ways and involve so many different players. It's not just one thing, and that means I can do a lot of interesting things.

SHE-HULK #1 hits on February 12, but come back here next week to get a look at another side of She-Hulk!



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