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The Watcher

Watch Marvel's The Watcher 2014 - Episode 2

Lorraine Cink celebrates the return of the Amazing Spider-Man by visiting some of the locales key to his life and career!

The Watcher hits the road!

Host Lorraine Cink takes a trip around New York, touring some of the spots that have highlighted--and lowlighted--the career of the soon-to-return Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker!

The newest edition of The Watcher is here--watch it now!

Marvel's The Watcher 2014 - Episode 2

The Watcher is Marvel.com's official news and comedy video series covering comics, movies, TV, games, gear and all things Marvel. Tune in weekly for new episodes.
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I don't know about others, but this new Marvel interface has not been working for me.  I can't seem to get any of the streaming episodes to show up and have been reduced to using YouTube to watch them.  Am I the only one having this problem?