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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Fantastic Four

Enjoy some of the creative highpoints from over 50 years of Marvel's First Family!

On February 26, James Robinson and Leonard Kirk will join the ranks of some of Marvel’s greatest minds as writer and artist of an all-new FANTASTIC FOUR series due out in February. To commemorate the occasion we’ve prepared a healthy helping of FF issues featuring the debut of top-flight creative teams from the family’s long and storied history.


Four friends leave to explore the stars, but a burst of solar radiation changes their fates forever. Transformed into something more than human and gifted with incredible new abilities, the Fantastic Four dedicate their lives to protecting the world and the betterment of mankind. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby began molding the foundations of the modern Marvel Universe in this very issue!

FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #232

The insidious alchemist known only as Diablo wants to see Marvel’s First Family pushing up daisies. Why? Why not! With forgotten magic he calls upon the very elements, creating golems of earth, fire, wind, and water to bring down the FF. The legendary John Byrne takes the reins as both writer and artist, in a storied run that more than stands the test of time.


A stellar anomaly approaches Earth, and only one rocket on Earth has any chance of stopping it: the Excelsior. Owned by the Storm Foundation and overseen by Susan Storm, head of the aeronautics division, it represents the pinnacle of aerospace technology. And Doctor Doom wants it. Can Sue, Reed, Ben, and Johnny keep the rocket out of the maniacal despot’s iron hands? See the origins of the Fantastic Four like never before, pioneered by the one and only Jim Lee.


Even super teams need cash, and despite their daring deeds, the FF’s licensing revenue seems to be dwindling. Thus, to reinvigorate the Fantastic Four’s brand, the firm that handles that sort of thing sends a young Mr. Shertzer to accompany them on their incredible adventures. Writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Wieringo’s tales set the bar for dimension-hopping drama in a comic fun for the whole family.

FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) #570

Despite super scientist and hero Reed Richards’ best efforts, new, more complex problems present themselves just as he finishes solving others. Beleaguered but determined, Mister Fantastic decides to fix everything. Or maybe he’ll just bring everything crashing down. Prepare to be amazed as Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham thrust the First Family into a whole new era of the unknown! 

Pick up the new FANTASTIC FOUR #1 by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk on February 26!

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