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Best of 2013

Counting down the Best Heroes of 2013 Pt. 1

Marvel.com reveals our top 25 list of the greatest good guys from the past year!

As ever, the Marvel Universe proved a dangerous place to be a good guy in 2013, but the champions of Earth and beyond rose to the challenge. From policing galactic wars to braving other dimensions to protecting entire races, the Marvel heroes stepped up on every level.

To send last year out with a bang, Marvel.com will be counting down our top 25 heroes of 2013, as selected by staffers and freelancers. Got your own thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear them, so send them our way on Twitter @Marvel, using the hashtag #Marvel2013!

      25. SIF
      First Appearance:
      Where She Appeared in 2013:
      Why She’s #25:
      “Few Asgardians consider themselves equal to Thor, yet Sif proved to be just that in the past year. In a quest to become the floating kingdom’s greatest defender, the blue-eyed goddess temporarily lost herself in a berserker rage, exiled from the exact beloved homeland she sought to protect. Through that same rage she eventually realized that Asgard remains the true source of her strength and its people the fundamental cause for her unending happiness.” – Tim O’Shea
      Digital Comic Spotlight:

          24. MISTY KNIGHT
          First Appearance:
          MARVEL PREMIERE #21
          Where She Appeared in 2013:
          Why She’s #24:
          “Mercedes ‘Misty’ Knight has taken on a few important jobs in her time: New York cop; private eye; hero for hire. In 2013 she added a new title to her resume—Fearless Defender. Alongside the Asgardian champion Valkyrie, Misty formed and led an all-female team of heroes to take on Caroline Le Fey's deadly Doom Maidens. As with everything else she does, Misty the cyborg detective accomplished this feat with style, flair and grit to spare.” – Andrew Wheeler
          Digital Comic Spotlight:

              23. STORM
              First Appearance:
              GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1
              Where She Appeared in 2013:
              Why She’s #23:
              “The mistress of the elements spent 2013 balancing her time as headmistress of the Jean Grey School, the mastermind behind a tough as nails X-Force squad, and the leader of a heavy-hitting team of X-Men, all while coping with the dissolution of her marriage and mutantkind's deepening schism. Despite this, Storm remained the willfully calm center of the X-Men's drama hurricane, even as she found herself forced to make tough calls regarding her teammates. Whether forcefully rehabilitating Bishop of his villainous ways, or being willing to save the world at any cost in the battle with the techno bacteria, Storm continually showed that she's still the X-Man willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good.” – Brett White
              Digital Comic Spotlight:
              UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 

                  22. THE BLACK PANTHER
                  First Appearance:
                  FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #52
                  Where He Appeared in 2013:
                  NEW AVENGERS
                  Why He’s #22:
                  “While many Avengers took to the farthest reaches of space to meet the approach of Infinity, T’Challa felt the brunt of Thanos’ opportunistic invasion. The Black Panther himself met the hulking Black Dwarf, a lieutenant of the Mad Titan’s Black Order, on the planes of battle in the failed first siege on Wakanda. As a reluctant new member of the Illuminati, he offered a crucial voice of opposition in a time when the clandestine group struggled with gray decisions. Already bereft of his crown, by 2013’s end, T’Challa finds himself cast out from Wakanda altogether, welcome only in the ghastly halls of the Necropolis. Few suffered so mightily as Black Panther while retaining such kingly grace and devotion to his people.” -  Paul Montgomery
                  Digital Comic Spotlight:
                  NEW AVENGERS (2013) #7 

                      21. VALKYRIE
                      First Appearance:
                      AVENGERS (1963) #83
                      Where She Appeared in 2013:
                      FEARLESS DEFENDERS
                      Why She’s #21:
                      “Charged with the order to form a new league of Valkyrior, the Asgardian warrior known as Valkyrie surrounded herself with a team of fierce females to battle against the rise of the Doom Maidens. Any entry praising the heroism of Valkyrie in 2013 must also recognize Annabelle Riggs, the human archaeologist whose love saved the hero from succumbing to rage and kept her in check after the two merged life forces. Together, these two led the Fearless Defenders into battle against mighty sea monsters and the mystical forces of Caroline Le Fey, proving Valkyrie's Midgard-based Valkyrior a force to be reckoned with.” – Brett White
                      Digital Comic Spotlight:
                      FEARLESS DEFENDERS #7 

                      The countdown continues tomorrow right here on Marvel.com, but in the meantime, share your thoughts on Twitter with us @Marvel using the hashtag #Marvel2013!



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                      Drounli member

                      The Lady Sif ONLY number 25?  Geeze...what am I gonna DO with you people??????