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Fantastic Four

Leather, Hulks and more: See the Five Most Radical Fantastic Four Redesigns

Take a look at five of the FF's craziest makeovers before the team launches into a new Fantastic Four #1!

It's out with the old and in with the new in All-New Marvel NOW!'s FANTASTIC FOUR #1! The classic super blue tights that came to define the Fantastic Four will remain in the closet, where they'll be joined by the team's newer – yet still retired – white duds. When James Robinson and Leonard Kirk take over the series in February, fans will be seeing red – literally, because that's the FF's new color!

This visual change isn't the biggest one the Fantastic Four have undergone in their 50 years of super heroics. Here are five
other makeovers that have pushed the adventuring team into uncharted territory!

WHAT IF? (1977) #11
The Four's most meta makeover to date involved iconic Marvel staffers – including Fantastic Four creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby – being gifted with super powers after a hefty dose of cosmic radiation. With Stan's second in command Sol Brodsky and Bullpen secretary Flo Steinberg rounding out the cast as the Human Torch and Invisible Girl, this alternate reality team cranked out FANTASTIC FOUR comics on a monthly basis and also went on the adventures that inspired them!

FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #348
Listen, this comic knows it's blatantly commercial. It says so on the cover! It'd be hard to argue the cover's point, too, since the four heaviest hitters of '90s Marvel replaced the FF for two issues. The only way this could have been more radical would have been if the Punisher had filled in for little Franklin Richards. Someone get creator Art Adams a time machine and make that change happen!

FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #375
Not even Marvel's longest running super hero team could fight off the viral strain of pouch-and-gun-itis that ran rampant through '90s comics. Looking at this revamped FF pulls a lot of nostalgia triggers as this version of the foursome goes to all the usual – and beloved – extremes. Invisible Woman raided Psylocke's wardrobe, Mr. Fantastic's rocking the "Jurassic Park" game warden look, the Human Torch gets a flame resistant leather jacket, and the Thing carries a big gun and wears a mask to hide his angst. Does it get any better than this?

Why settle for just one alternate reality Fantastic Four when you can have a dozen? This one issue by Carlos Pacheco, Jeph Loeb, and Rafael Martin finds the team lost in a sea of could have beens thanks to the villain Abraxas. Sue Storm has turned to a life of medicine, Johnny Storm gets his cash by robbing banks, and the Thing finds himself ousted in favor of the Hulk – and that's just in two of the many realities visited in this adventure. And you don't even have to ask; yes, there is a reality where Reed Richards turns into a big purple monster.

FF (2010) #1
The last time the Fantastic Four shook up their image, they did so while in mourning. Following Johnny Storm's death, the remaining hero trio ditched the blue uniforms they'd worn since pretty much day one in favor of an all-new, all-white look. The team kept the new look around after the Human Torch's return last year, but now the team's following in young Johnny Storm's flaming footsteps by adopting a fiery new hue in FANTASTIC FOUR #1!

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