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Best of 2013

Counting down the Best Heroes of 2013 Pt. 2

Marvel.com reveals our top 25 list of the greatest good guys from the past year!

As ever, the Marvel Universe proved a dangerous place to be a good guy in 2013, but the champions of Earth and beyond rose to the challenge. From policing galactic wars to braving other dimensions to protecting entire races, the Marvel heroes stepped up on every level.

To send last year out with a bang, Marvel.com will be counting down our top 25 heroes of 2013, as selected by staffers and freelancers. Got your own thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear them, so send them our way on Twitter @Marvel, using the hashtag #Marvel2013!

25. SIF

      19. LEGION
      First Appearance: NEW MUTANTS (1983) #25
      Where He Appeared in 2013: X-MEN LEGACY
      Why He’s #19: “As the bastard son of Charles Xavier, David Haller suffered the modifier, never embracing the legacy until recently. David fortified his once troubled psyche, rising up as a warden over the countless voices wailing for control of his mind. Once a problem child and forever a pariah, Legion operates from the outskirts, covertly aiding the mutant cause as his late father established. He tangled with hate groups, Pete Wisdom and Scott Summers, the man who murdered Xavier and launched David’s efforts to champion the family business. He found a weird kind of love with Blindfold, and sought to reconcile his roots. Legion might remain volatile, but he’s getting his act together. All seventy-kabillion of them.” – Paul Montgomery
      Digital Comic Spotlight: X-MEN LEGACY #9 

          First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #1
          Where He Appeared in 2013: UNCANNY X-MEN
          Why He’s Also #19: “Mutantkind's most misunderstood mutant didn't start out that way—and now he has to deal with a living reminder of that truth. After taking Charles Xavier's life in a fit of Phoenix-fueled rage, Cyclops cast himself as a fugitive revolutionary and put his unparalleled strategy skills to use building a future for Earth's newly emerged mutants. At the same time, his teenage self emerged, plucked directly from his first few months at Xavier's School and dropped right in the middle of adult Cyclops’ mission. Teenage Scott Summers has seen his older self sacrifice friendships, form tenuous alliances with former enemies, and make a home out of a facility built to torture his people; none of these decisions have been easy, but every one of them has allowed the new generation of X-Men to take their first steps towards self-acceptance and empowerment.” – Brett White
          Digital Comic Spotlight: UNCANNY X-MEN (2013) #1 

              17. SPIDER-MAN (Miles Morales)
              First Appearance: ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4
              Where He Appeared in 2013: ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN
              Why He’s #17: “Things have never been easy for Miles Morales since he got bitten by that radioactive spider, but he’s always persevered to honor the legacy of Peter Parker. However, the young webslinger endured his greatest tragedy this past year, losing his mother to the monstrous Venom. Miles hung up the Spidey suit for a time, determined to live a normal life, but responsibility compelled him to continue using his power for good, no matter the cost. Now as a Cataclysm hangs over the Ultimate Universe, Spider-Man could be the world’s most unlikely—and best—hope.” – Ben Morse
              Digital Comic Spotlight: ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #23 

                  First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #244
                  Where He Appeared in 2013: X-MEN
                  Why She’s Also #17: “The fireworks-throwing mallrat mutant kid who stumbled into the X-Men all those years ago has been through a lot of changes. First she lost her powers; then she became a vampire. But in 2013 she went through her biggest evolution: She became a mom. The adopted orphan Shogo brought out a new side to Jubilee and displayed her sense of responsibility. Thanks to the wonders of time travel, Jubilee knows she turns out to be a pretty good mother, yet she never stops being Jubilee.” – Andrew Wheeler
                  Digital Comic Spotlight: X-MEN (2013) #1 

                      16. WOLVERINE
                      First Appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK #181
                      Where He Appeared in 2013: SAVAGE WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN
                      Why He’s #19: “For decades, the man who has come to be called Wolverine relied on not only his vicious claws and heightened senses, but the rehabilitative healing factor that repaired his every injury—no more. Thanks to a sentient virus, Logan recently lost this ability and now can be cut, bruised and broken like a normal man. However, that didn’t stop the world’s most dangerous mutant from charging into battles as an Avenger, and X-Man and on his own. In addition to juggling his ‘professional’ responsibilities, Wolverine continues to be the most unorthodox shepherd the next generation of mutants could hope for as headmaster of the Jean Grey School.” – Ben Morse
                      Digital Comic Spotlight: WOLVERINE (2013) #1 

                      The countdown continues tomorrow right here on Marvel.com, but in the meantime, share your thoughts on Twitter with us @Marvel using the hashtag #Marvel2013!

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                      Wolverine should have been 1st!! wait what's with Jubilee as 17th!?


                      Miles Morales should be number 1, with Wolvie a close second...Daredevil for the 3 in my mind.

                      Reason5507 plus member

                      I hope Kaine makes this list, nice job so far.


                      @Reason5507Agreed hoping Venom gets on this list too in the 2 years he has been a hero he has saved the world at least 3 times with a group of people gotta be some kind of trifecta award there.