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From Man to Woman to Kid to Heartthrob: Explore The Many Looks Of Loki

Check out a few of the different forms and disguises that the trickster god has used while making marvelous mischief!

Contrary to many of his archenemy and anti-hero peers, Loki likes to mix it up when it comes to what he sees in the mirror. Dr. Doom still sports a green tunic and Deadpool really only varies the amount of ammunition he wears, but the god of mischief borders on being the god of reinvention!

His new ongoing series,
LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD, stars the Asgardian's current iteration, but considering the character's shape-shifting power and wily nature, he definitely has a few costume and form changes just waiting. To get a sense of the future of Loki's ever-changing look, let's first look to the past.

When you get down to it, Loki's a pretty equal opportunity mischief-maker. During 1990's Acts of Vengeance event, he took on the guise of a smooth-talking, high-powered businessman to fool many heavy-hitting villains into trusting him. The illusion shattered once the baddies proved unable to play nice with each other, which surprised no one except Loki.

If you want to really mess with your brother's head, just use magic to take control of his girlfriend's form. It'll drive him nuts! Loki proved that to be true when he resurrected himself in Lady Sif's place after he died during Ragnarok. This new Loki became a major player in the Marvel Universe as part of Norman Osborn's secret cabal of villains.

As if taking on Sif's form wasn't enough, Loki pulled double deception duty by also impersonating the Scarlet Witch. Loki used this form to manipulate a new roster of the mighty Avengers into creation. He then used this team against Norman Osborn, who foolishly allowed Loki into his Cabal. Rule number one, people: Don't invite Loki to your cabal unless you want it to become Loki's cabal.

Following his apparent death during the Siege event, Loki re-entered the Marvel Universe reborn as a young street hustler in France. After getting part of his identity – and all of his guilt – back, Loki got back to his old, manipulating ways, except those ways were a little more ambiguous than outright evil. The young Loki eventually teamed-up with the appropriately named Young Avengers for a few missions, one of which would change him for good.

Loki's current form comes courtesy of his Young Avenger teammate Wiccan, who used his own magic powers to age the troublemaker from Kid Loki to Teen Loki.  Now with an increased powerset and even more bad deeds to feel guilty about, Loki sets out to become an Agent of Asgard – at least until his next costume change.

For more Loki, check out LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD!

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CrystalMcGhee plus member

Gonna pick up this issue tomorrow! :)