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History of Captain America

Follow the History of Captain America Pt. 31

The Sentinel of Liberty must confront past loves and deal with threats from around the world!

Over seven decades ago, history occurred with the debut of Captain America in 1941. 70 years later, Steve Rogers and his star-spangled alter ego have grown to iconic status, remaining a mainstay of the Marvel Universe while also expanding into the realms of television, film and more.

On April 4, 2014, the Sentinel of Liberty returns to the big screen in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" from Marvel Studios. As the countdown to Chris Evans picking up the shield once more heats up, we present the definitive comics history of Cap, from his debut to the modern day.

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A quiet year for the Sentinel of Liberty? Not on his life! Captain America faced a new, insidious threat in 2002 and gave up one of his most cherished possessions: his very identity.

A nice, calm fishing trip with his buddy the Falcon in CAPTAIN AMERICA #49 led Steve Rogers to seriously contemplate his botched love affairs and to address them head on. After tracking down former girlfriend Connie Ferrari and wrapping up a few loose ends, he went straight to Sharon Carter and promised her that he didn’t want to look for love elsewhere, leading into CAPTAIN AMERICA #50.

Alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Cap zoomed into orbit to confront the villainous Kang in AVENGERS #48. Facing many complications there, he returned to Earth in AVENGERS #52 to help save the day, then entered into personal combat with Kang in AVENGERS #54, wrapping up the case.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, Cap flashed back to the 9/11 event when he refused to fly off to Afghanistan at Nick Fury’s request. Then, in the present, he made his way to the small town of Centerville to confront terrorists holed up there. There, he discovered townspeople held hostage in a church and wired to bombs in CAPTAIN AMERICA #2. Faysal Al-Tariq, the man behind the terror, fell before Cap’s onslaught in CAPTAIN AMERICA #3, and our hero subsequently made a monumental decision to reveal his real identity as Steve Rogers to the entire nation.

Allowing his new status quo to sink in, Cap met with Nick Fury and the U.S. Secretary of Defense in CAPTAIN AMERICA #4 before jetting off to Germany on the trail of more terrorists. Meanwhile, in CAPTAIN AMERICA #5, radicals called for attention in Washington D.C., bringing the hero’s wrath down upon their heads. Angry over the insurgents’ remote-operated technology and arguing the point with Fury, Cap took the fight directly to its creator in CAPTAIN AMERICA #6.

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