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Hear from the Wolverine Team

Paul Cornell, Ryan Stegman, Jeanine Schaefer, Tom Brennan and Axel Alonso preview the future of Logan!

A new era began for the man called Logan this week in WOLVERINE #1 by Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman. Without his healing factor, the most dangerous mutant in the Marvel Universe faces new challenges and dangers.

      Replay the liveblog below and find out what Cornell and Stegman as well as Jeanine Schaefer, Tom Brennan and Axel Alonso have to say about the future of Logan!



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      I hope everyone one of you involved with the current direction of Wolverine loses your job and is never able to find a job in this industry again.  How the hell can you royally screw up the greatest comic book character of all time?????  Words cannot convey how much I hate you guys.  I hope that this new story line is a complete failure.   Again ... in short ... you suck.

      rj155500 member

      is it just me or was "Savage Wolverine" much better than the "wolverine" series that just ended?