See Shang-Chi Cut Loose in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu

The Avengers’ secret weapon strikes out in his own limited series from Mike Benson and Tan Eng Huat!



This May, Shang-Chi goes solo once more in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, a limited series from writer Mike Benson and artist Tan Eng Huat. Forced overseas to England following the death of a former love—and undercover agent for MI-6—the Marvel Universe’s most impressive hand-to-hand combatant finds himself beset by enemies new and old as he tries to unravel the truth of her death.

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 cover by Dave Johnson

“Someone very close and important to Shang-Chi gets murdered,” reveals Benson. “Even though Shang-Chi pulls from his inner strength, this really hurts him in a way that you can never truly be prepared for.

“For a moment, we get to see Shang’s vulnerability, something we rarely see when it comes to Shang-Chi.”

A storytelling aspect in this series that longtime fans of Shang-Chi may find familiar comes from the adventure predominantly unfolding on British soil. Benson viewed this locale as an important piece of the puzzle.

“It opens up the scale of the operations he [Shang-Chi] is going up against,” he explains. “We will see exactly how large that web of corruption runs.”

For both creators, the opportunity to add a chapter to the Master of Kung Fu’s ongoing adventures came as an undeniable thrill.

“The kung fu element excited me,” declares Huat. “I grew up reading a lot of Hong Kong martial art comics and have always fantasized one day I would be doing one of my own.”

Shang-Chi by Agustin Alessio

“Shang-Chi is one of my favorite characters,” Benson agrees.

This immediate bond came as a surprise, but has been a tremendous boon to the project.

“Our collaboration came as a happy stroke of luck due to my editor Jake Thomas who’s been my partner in crime in this adventure and a true martial arts fan as well,” asserts the writer.

It should as no surprise then, given his long-standing love for Shang-Chi, that Benson makes every effort to acknowledge Chi’s past even while creating this new adventure for him.

“I’ve peppered in some of Shang’s older enemies and friends, some lesser known characters and some well-known ones,” he acknowledges. “To name a few? Razor Fist, Brothers of the Tiger, Sisters of the Dragon—I’ll stop there.”

The genre elements also served as a strong inspiration for the series.

Shang-Chi by John Cassaday

“I grew up watching Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and all those Shaw Brother films on Channel 5 Sunday afternoons,” Benson recalls. “I’ve always been inspired by 70’s cinema, both American and Asian. So the newer villains will reflect both some obscure and some not so obscure characteristics that I’ve loved over the years of the classic bad guys.”

“Plus, a few totally made up inventions of my own,” he adds. “I plan on taking all these different qualities, these ‘bits and pieces’ of the different bad characters and ‘mashing’ them up into a shake and bake and seeing what comes out as a result.”

DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU strikes this May—keep checking Marvel.com for the latest details!



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