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Presidents' Day

Celebrate a Belated Presidents Day With These Marvelous Commander-In-Chief Cameos

Find out which presidents played along with Marvel's heroes and which ones didn't!

Despite all of the many differences between our reality and the Marvel Universe, there's one area where they overlap completely. No matter what, the sitting president in the real world has always been the sitting president in the Marvel Universe, dating all the way back to Marvel's debut 75 years ago.

Some interactions include when President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented Captain America with his circular shield in CAPTAIN AMERICA #255 and an appearance by President Kennedy – more accurately President Kennedy's hairline –in FANTASTIC FOUR #17. Some presidents have even come up against the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe (President Carter stared down Doctor Doom in CHAMPIONS #16) while others have attended the heroes' biggest celebrations (President George W. Bush attended Storm and Black Panther's wedding). To celebrate a belated Presidents Day, we've highlighted five of the best presidential cameos!

When Galactus started tearing Earth apart in search of his defected herald, President Nixon ordered Mr. Fantastic to give the Silver Surfer over to the devourer of worlds immediately. Reed Richards defied the president's orders, knowing that Galactus never really grasped the concepts of "mercy" and "negotiation." Nixon listened to Richards, even though he felt that deferring to a super hero would hurt his chances in the upcoming elections.

While Cyclops and Storm battled it out for team leadership in UNCANNY X-MEN #201, Rogue went and had herself a little presidential encounter. While catching a ball hit into orbit by Colossus during one of the X-Men's baseball games, Rogue flew into the path of Air Force One. Unable to resist herself, Rogue flew over and gave the window a quick peck, leaving President Ronald Reagan a little flummoxed.

President Bill Clinton basically became a supporting character during Mark Waid and Ron Garney's mid '90's run on CAPTAIN AMERICA. After branding Steve Rogers a traitor and stripping him of his U.S. citizenship in CAPTAIN AMERICA #450, the two made amends a few issues later after Cap saved President Clinton's life. The president even got to carry Cap's shield for a second, remarking that it felt like holding Babe Ruth's bat.

President Barack Obama made his Marvel debut in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583, mere weeks after winning the election. In the issue's backup story, Spider-Man foiled the Chameleon's plot to pose as the President during his inauguration. The web-slinger's good deed earned him a fist bump from the new commander-in-chief.

What this presidential comic lacks in reverence it more than makes up for in quantity. DEADPOOL's first storyarc pit the merc with a mouth up against the reanimated corpses of every dead president, and we do mean every dead president. Packed with more presidential trivia and jokes per page than any previous Marvel comic, this might just be the most inappropriately appropriate comic to read today.

For more Marvel adventures, check out Marvel Unlimited!

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