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Guardians of the Galaxy

Get Up Close and Personal With the Guardians of the Galaxy's Gear

From pistols to big ol' swords, these items help Star-Lord's crew guard the galaxy!

It's not easy protecting the entire galaxy from cosmic threats. When you throw down with Thanos on a Thursday night and brawl with the Badoon before brunch, you've gotta have gear that will rise to the occasion and survive heavy damage. Thankfully, Star-Lord and his ragtag group of heroes have exacting taste when it comes to weaponry. Let's run down the team's tools of the trade.

      Star-Lord's Helmet
      Peter Quill, the Guardian's human-Spartoi hybrid leader, can often be seen wearing his signature helmet. Quill received the kinda off-putting helmet -- it's the eyes -- from the Kree in ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST – STAR-LORD #1, which he then used to lead a strike team against an army of invading aliens. The helmet includes a universal translator as well as other strategy-enhancing programs, giving Quill's already formidable  leadership chops a boost.

          Gamora's Godslayer
          If any weapon deserves to be carried by the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, it's definitely one with the name "Godslayer." After receiving the weapon as a gift from her adopted father, Thanos, Gamora carried this powerful blade for years and added to its legendary kill count with every swing. The sword even gave the heavy-hitting Ronan the Accuser trouble in ANNIHILATION: RONAN #3. Though Gamora lost her preferred blade in a battle with Thanos, swords remain her primary weapon of choice – but none of them will ever have as cool of a name as Godslayer.

              Drax's Daggers
              The once human warrior known as Drax underwent a drastically minimalist makeover in DRAX THE DESTROYER #4. He traded in his purple cape for leather pants and added a pair of knives to his deadly repertoire. As his transformation took place on Earth, the knives were initially of terrestrial origin. Since then, Drax has most likely replaced his twin weapons with something more exotic – although he tends to keep those details to himself.

                  Rocket's Laser Pistols
                  Rocket Raccoon likes guns. Period. While his teammates favor hand-to-hand combat from time to time, Rocket always keeps at least two blasters by his side at all times. He has good reason to remain loyal, as he's an unparalleled marksman able to take out villains with every single shot. For example, if we're to believe his combat braggadocio in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2, then the little guy took out half a dozen bad guys in as many shots on as many pages, all before blowing a Badoon warship sky high.

                      Groot's Roots
                      When you're a giant walking tree, you don't really need weapons. As he's impervious to pretty much every type of attack, Groot prefers to just let his roots do the dirty work. Like all of the citizens of his home planet, Groot can extend his wooden appendages to overwhelming results in the middle of a fight, and he can regrow himself from the tiniest sprig. This regrowth trick allows him to seemingly cheat death and made him a surprisingly efficient stealth fighter in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #3.

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                      all these characters are really awesome but for some reason I don't really like the way gamora looks no offence to xamora or anyone who likes her look.......


                      I miss the old Drax. He was better conversation.


                      @xnamora to be honest I kind of prefer drax with leather pants but I don't know. to me something just doesn't look wright with him at the same time