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Breaking Down The Daredevil & Foggy Nelson Bromance

Join us as we explore the defining moments from the friendship without fear!

Some fans might think that a super hero's supporting cast can only be defined by their romantic entanglements, but that's definitely not the case with Daredevil. Lovers like Karen Page, Elektra, and the Black Widow may come and go, but the Man Without Fear has always had one constant in his life: his best friend and law partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. Where Daredevil's concerned, there's no romance that can ever replace the epic bromance in that hero's heart.

In the just wrapped DAREDEVIL series, writer Mark Waid and artists Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin pushed this relationship front and center, placing all of the intense feelings usually reserved for sweeping romance into Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson's long-lasting friendship. And as with any intricate and nuanced portrayal of palhood, there were many cheers and tears to be had!

Matt began his one-man crusade against Foggy's junk food addiction in DAREDEVIL #1 by yanking his schlubby sidekick out of the office and onto the lively streets of Manhattan. With Matt's new upbeat attitude in full swing, the law partners weren't really prepared for their past to come back to haunt them. When Murdock's poorly kept secret identity kept interfering with their cases, the best bros came up with a new idea in DAREDEVIL #3 – train clients to represent themselves in court.

To prove the "bromance trumps romance" theory, Murdock spent pretty much his entire date with Assistant District Attorny Kirsten McDuffie recounting how he first met Foggy. DAREDEVIL #12 revealed that the two shared a dorm room back at Columbia Law, much to Matt's dismay; snoring and endless bags of potato chips don't mix well with enhanced senses. Despite their initial incompatibility, Matt came to Foggy's defense when a professor wrongfully accused him of plagiarizing an important paper. This bromance, born!

Strong friendships work both ways, and in DAREDEVIL #17's flashback tale, Foggy got the chance to pay Matt back big time. After taking on a doctor with a temporary cure for blindness as a client, Foggy arranged for Matt to have a half hour of sight again. On top of that, Foggy tracked down a videotape of Matt's late father's final boxing match, giving his best friend the opportunity to see his father's face one last time. We'll give you a minute to reach for your tissues.

The friendship took a turn for the worse thanks to machinations of bad guys like Coyote and Spot, who teamed up to frame Matt Murdock for robbing his father's grave. Fearing the worst, Foggy took a stand against Matt in DAREDEVIL #16, telling him that he had to either come clean about his mental state or get out. Even after having his name cleared in DAREDEVIL #21, tensions between the two didn't disappear. Foggy still believed Matt had buried his pain under six feet of smiles, which led Matt to apologize to Foggy in DAREDEVIL #22 – with the help of a bacon and limburger cheesecake. The pals' happy reunion didn't last long, though, because Foggy revealed he had cancer.

After surviving turbulence that threatened to tear them apart, the duo stood ready to face Foggy's illness with a friendship stronger than it had ever been. The two joked and talked about their lives with a closeness that hadn't been shown in a while, all to distract them from the impending diagnosis. The doctor's quickening heartbeat revealed the bad news to Matt before even a word could be said. Foggy started treatments just as Daredevil took on a new deadly foe named Ikari.  Still, Matt stuck by Foggy's side, even as the chemotherapy chemicals wreaked havoc on his heightened senses. Even in his weakened state, though, Foggy proved immensely useful to Daredevil; in DAREDEVIL #26, a pep talk in Foggy's hospital room led to the pair uncovering the man behind the recent attacks: Bullseye.

Of all the bromances in comics, few are as solid and ever-lasting as the one between Foggy Nelson and Daredevil – a friendship that will see new obstacles in March's all-new DAREDEVIL #1!

For more of Daredevil and Foggy's bromantic adventures, check out DAREDEVIL (2011) on Marvel Unlimited!



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