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Before He Hits the Big Screen, Take A Look At The Falcon's Winged Wardrobe

See the high-flying Avenger's sported a number of different looks over the years, including some without his signature wings!

Between making his big screen debut in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and appearing in not one, not two, but three monthly Avengers comics, Sam Wilson might just call 2014 the Year of the Falcon. Falc his debut way back in 1969, becoming the first African-American super hero the instant he donned his iconic orange and green jumpsuit!

Wait, orange and green? That's right – Snap Wilson's color scheme started out in a very different place. Heck, he didn't even have his wings when he burst onto the scene at Captain America's side! Considering how much his get-up has changed since his debut 45 years ago, we should take a look back at some of the Falcon's memorable looks!

Green and orange might not be the most eye-catching color combination. Still, the Falcon's original super suit contained a number of elements that the hero would incorporate in future uniforms even if he'd never sport these colors again. The deep neckline and modified domino mask would remain part of his look for decades.

Just two years after his debut, Falcon switched things up to a red and white look and never questioned this costume change. The suit that first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA #144 would become the character's baseline look, except it lacked one major accessory: his wings! It's hard to imagine a character called "Falcon" being wingless, but the hero did not take to the air until the Black Panther built him a flight pack in 1974's CAPTAIN AMERICA #170.

Wilson kept his look fairly consistent for most of the '80's, but big changes were in store for Falcon as the character entered the 1990's. His first '90's look did away with the deep neckline and exposed arms and added a white helmet, complete with a birdlike ornament right on the front.

If you thought Sam Wilson would be one of the few heroes to avoid wearing an elaborate set of super hero armor, think again. Yes, he missed the mid-90's armor craze, but he entered the new millennium wearing over-sized metallic shoulder pads and a chest piece that resembled a bird's face, complete with headlights.

Falcon now wears variations on his classic red and white look, keeping a number of red body suits with white accents in rotation. These looks, currently seen in AVENGERS, AVENGERS WORLD, and MIGHTY AVENGERS, balance Falcon's traditional garb with modern sensibilities for a truly timeless look. At least, it's timeless for now.

For more Falcon action, check out MIGHTY AVENGERS on Marvel Unlimited! 



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