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Marvel NOW!

See James Rhodes Fly Solo in Your First Look at Iron Patriot #1

Iron Patriot leaves the Secret Avengers for his own adventures in these preview pages by Garry Brown!

This March, peel back the layers of Colonel James Rhodes in IRON PATRIOT #1, the all-new series from writer Ales Kot and artist Garry Brown! Who is the man in the armor? What drives him? James Rhodes may have quit the Secret Avengers, but that’s not going to stop him from bringing the fight to the bad guys from inside the Iron Patriot armor! But his heroism will come with a steep price…

“James Rhodes has a family. James Rhodes has friends. James Rhodes has a suit and responsibility and dreams and hopes, and he just realized he needs a new plan,” said writer Ales Kot in an interview with Marvel.com. “Something that will be more in touch with who he is and what he wants.”

As new villains emerge and a deadly conspiracy from within America grows – the Iron Patriot stands alone against impossible foes. This March, the war comes to the home front in IRON PATRIOT #1!

      IRON PATRIOT #1 (JAN140673)
      Written by ALES KOT
      Art & Cover by GARRY BROWN
      Variant Cover by MIKE PERKINS (JAN140674)
      Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG (NOV138098)
      FOC –03/03/14 On-Sale - 03/26/14



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      A hero choosing the Iron Patriot armor worn by crazy evil Norman Osborn…

      Why not the doctor Doom armor ?

      Does the Iron Patriot carry the legacy of the Dark Reign era ? It seems a little out of character for Rhodey…

      Will we see Wonder Man choosing to come back on the battlefield under the Sentry identity in the future ?