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Take A Tour Of Marvel's Manhattan

Learn about some of the neighborhoods that make up New York City's busiest borough in the Marvel Universe!

After spending several adventures on other coasts and in far-off realms, the live action Marvel Universe will be back in familiar territory when production begins on Marvel's four Netflix series. As announced yesterday, "Daredevil," "Luke Cage," "Jessica Jones," "Iron Fist," and the team-up "Defenders" series will all be filmed in New York City, meaning that the Big Apple will once again provide the setting for Marvel's exciting on-screen adventures.

Marvel's many heroes have called New York City home ever since FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #4 hit the stands way back in early 1962. Since then, nearly every street corner of Manhattan has found its way to the printed page – usually playing host to an epic brawl or diabolically botched date night. With the announcement that Marvel's NYC will play a big role in the upcoming Netflix series, here's a quick guide to Marvel's Manhattan!

As Daredevil's home turf, Hell's Kitchen has definitely become one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Marvel's Manhattan. While the western chunk of the city located between 34th and 59th Streets may go by less fiery nicknames like Clinton or Midtown West nowadays, it'll always be Hell's Kitchen in the Marvel U for as long as Matt Murdock's swinging through the skyline.

Greenwich Village, or just the Village, has been home to Doctor Strange since he started his career as this realm's Sorceror Supreme. Considering the area's history as a haven for artists and bohemian culture, it makes sense that the slightly off-kilter master of magic would make the neighborhood in Manhattan's lower west side his home. Strange even opened up his estate to his fellow Avengers after the super hero civil war and used his powers to convince passerby that the condemned building had been bought by Starbucks.

Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1


Right next to the Lower East Side and below Little Italy exists Chinatown, a neighborhood that became home to the Spider-Man villain Mister Negative. Under cover of his charitable F.E.A.S.T. organization, which operated a number of soup kitchens in Chinatown, Martin Li ran a ruthless criminal empire that clashed with heroes and villains alike.

For as compressed as Manhattan seems to be, super villains still manage to cram in elaborate lairs and death traps between these city streets. In AVENGERS #39, Hawkeye ran afoul of one of the Mad Thinker's expansive set-ups while roaming the Lower East Side's alleys.

Located in Upper Manhattan between Central Park and the Harlem River, the neighborhood known as Harlem has been the home base for many Marvel heroes. Both Falcon and Luke Cage called the neighborhood home, and Storm's parents raised her there until they moved to Cairo. Storm returned to her birthplace in UNCANNY X-MEN #122, where she came face to face with the harsh times that had fallen upon Manhattan in the late '70s.

For more of Hell's Kitchen, be sure to check out DAREDEVIL on Marvel Unlimited!

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