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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Sibling Rivalries

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights, to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. With the upcoming release of INCREDIBLE HERCULES #113-and the bombastic battle betwixt Herc and Ares-we here at Marvel.com thought it would be fun to spotlight some other famous sibling rivalries. But these guys ain't fighting over the Legos, no, their dysfunctional family issues are far more serious. Check out these, and other great issues, on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

X-MEN #12

X-MEN #12 So, your big jerk of a step-brother, who has always been jealous of you, has been empowered by the mystical Gem of Cyttorak and is now breaking down your front door. Who can help with such familial tumult? Surely not Dr. Phil, but your super-powered teenage students, the X-Men! Check out this legendary first battle between Marvel's Merry Mutants and the unstoppable Juggernaut, Professor Xavier's step-brother Cain Marko.


FANTASTIC FOUR #47 It's one thing to get into a spat with your brother or sister. You fight and maybe some feelings are hurt or some bones or busted. But the "feud" between Inhuman monarchs Black Bolt and Maximus kind of envelopes the entirety of the Inhuman race! In this early tussle, Black Bolt returns to the fold to sanctimoniously take back the throne from his deceptive, power-hungry and crazy brother. It's not pretty and it's a messy relationship that's gone on for decades.

X-MEN #97

X-MEN #97 Why on earth is Havoc wearing a cowboy hat [check out the interior art-seriously!]? And, why would he and Polaris be trying to kill the Professor? Cyclops doesn't know yet, but you better believe he's gonna find out-even if that means taking on his own brother! Emotion takes it toll on the "one-eyed" X-Man. Is Havoc his brother or his enemy. Check out this awesome battle between those crazy Summers boys.


LOKI #1 This here's the great granddaddy of all Marvel rivalries. Thor vs. Loki-the one that defines fraternal fighting. It's the quintessential piece in the kin-conflict gamut. Thor, Asgardian God of Thunder has had his throne usurped by his mischievous trickster of a brother, Loki. But, is all that glitters really gold? Nope, the grass isn't much greener on this side of the fence. And, what will Loki do when his spite-driven humiliation of Thor gets old?


ARES #1 Oh those fickle Olympian gods. First they shun Ares, then they need him, then they shun him again and, guess what, now they want him back. Only, they won't like the way he's coming-armed to the teeth with a taste for blood! They stole his son to goad him into returning to Olympus. Now he'll take on his brother Hercules and any other Olympian that throws him a sideways glance. What's your favorite Marvel sibling rivalry? Sound off in the message boards!
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