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SXSW 2014

Read Nearly 15,000 Digital Comics for 99 Cents--UPDATED

Access the Marvel Unlimited library for under a buck an issue to celebrate SXSW Interactive 2014!

Heads up True Believers—Marvel Unlimited has a sale not to be missed! Between now and March 15, anyone can sign up for a month trial of the digital comic platform for just 99 cents.

If you're not familiar with the service, Marvel Unlimited allows users to read through thousands of Marvel comics on their computers, mobile devices and tablets. The library includes new releases—there's a six month period between a physical comic hitting stores and it showing up on MU—and classic tales from Marvel's 75 year history. Those issues can either be streamed or users can download up to 12 to their device for offline perusal.

The subscription service costs $9.99 a month after that, but Annual and Annual Plus memberships can also be purchased for a yearly fee of $69 and $99 respectively.

Kristin Vincent, Marvel's Vice President, Digital Products addresses the incredibly low price, explaining that the low price will give new users the full Marvel Unlimited experience.

"We fully unlock the vault and hand over the key to people with the lowest barrier," Vincent says. "It's not just that 99 cents gets you a sliver of it, you get 15,000 comics, all these new features and it's really [a way] to invite the widest audience possible at a ridiculously low price."

Part of that audience will include brand new readers, people finding their way to comics after seeing the characters on the big screen and former users checking in to see Marvel Unlimited’s improvements since launch.

"For people who have tried Marvel Unlimited in the past but are no longer members, we hope they test drive the new version and see how far the app has evolved," says Vincent. "Not only is the reading experience significantly smoother, but we've been laser focused on filling in gaps in series, which we heard loud and clear was a problem. At this point we have every issue of IRON MAN and THOR, and we're very close to having full runs of CAPTAIN AMERICA and AVENGERS as well."

On a related note, Vincent relates that she and her team do listen to fans that comment on the service and also request older comics added to the service.

"People tweet or email in requests for issues we should digitize, and we try our best to accommodate as many as possible," Vincent explains. "We have about 60 comics that roll in naturally, but we add anywhere up to 100 a month, the rest being gaps from the back list."

Additionally, the app and the service will get an upgrade with all new features, but you'll have to stay tuned to Marvel.com this weekend to find out what those are!
Original release:

Marvel is celebrating SXSW Interactive 2014 by offering fans access to nearly 15,000 of Marvel’s greatest comics--including the top-selling Age of Ultron event, all the first issues from the game-changing Marvel NOW! initiative and more--for an entire month via the ground-breaking Marvel Unlimited app…for only 99 cents! Fans can access some of the most important stories in pop culture history while online, and take 12 digital comics with them on the go, even when offline!

Not only is this the most comics ever offered by Marvel or any comics company at this price point, but the Marvel Unlimited library offers more digital comics than any other major comic book company.

Accessible through your desktop browser and the Marvel Unlimited mobile app, Marvel Unlimited is a member subscription service that gives members unlimited access to nearly 15,000 issues of Marvel’s classic and newer titles. More classic and newer issues are added every week, as early as six months after they’re in stores!

Join Marvel this year at SXSW at the following panels and stay tuned to www.marvel.com for more details and breaking news:

Marvel: Your Universe
Saturday, March 8, 2014
1:30-2:15 PM CT

Marvel: the House of Ideas
Sunday, March 9, 2014
1:15-2:00 PM CT

Join the conversation on Twitter using #MarvelSXSW!

*Offer valid 3/1/14 12:01 AM EST to 3/14/14 11:59 PST.  Offer available only for new and former (now-canceled) Marvel Unlimited members.  Valid only on monthly Marvel Unlimited subscriptions. First month billed at 99 cents; subsequent months billed at the then current monthly rate.   Auto-renewal and other terms and conditions apply, please see Marvel.com/Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited Terms of Use for further details.




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starman77 member

Is anyone out there having issues logging in? My account says that I am not a member, but i am fully paid until next year.

Dacke member

"We've been laser-focused on filling in gaps in the series" - I guess that's why the backlist hasn't had any new comics since October? That's four full months.

Zebrabajz member

How come the stupid code was only written in one place? I missed it, I read this through like 3 times, and I thought it was silly that they didn't have a discount code, so I signed up anyway hoping that the price would change automatic.
And the code is in the picture at the top! Fml, I think they should have mentioned it in the text as well. God this is frustrating.


Anyone else seeing it pop up at $9.99 not $0.99?

sharpbrothers member

I guess this is for US fans only. Getting billing address errors. :-(

  • There is a problem with your billing address.


How much is it a month and what do I get with that price?

Zebrabajz member

Just realised if I had gone through to the real Unlimited page, and not this silly article I would have had the code thrown in my face. Marvel why do you make everything so hard?

Dacke member

@sharpbrothers Back when I signed up I had problems with my address as well, because the system doesn't understand characters with accents or diacritics. So if you're from Sweden, for example (like me), try replacing any å/ä/ö with a/o instead.


@en_saba_nur5  If you use this offer it's $0.99 for the first month and then 9.99 afterwards. You get access to the Unlimited library which allows you to view comics through the desktop browser or through the app. If you plan on reading a lot of comics from the 2000's era it's a great deal. Read almost all of the Ultimate comics issues/events and paid $10 whereas I would have spent a lot more to buy all the TPB's.