Mighty Avengers: Symbiote Slugfest

Brian Michael Bendis handicaps the latest round of the Mighty Avengers-New Avengers feud with symbiotes thrown in the mix!



By Eric Drumm

AVENGERS #8 cover
by Mark Bagley

When you have two different Avengers teams, one on either side of the Super Hero Registration Act, only one outcome comes to mind – fight! Of course, while two Avengers teams duking it out seems awesome enough, covering one of them in crazy Venom goo first comes off as down right nuts! Well get ready, because that's just what everybody's favorite omnipresent Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis will be doing in MIGHTY AVENGERS #8, shipping January 30. Reteaming with longtime ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN artist Mark Bagley, Bendis has spun a tale where a symbiote bomb goes off in the middle of New York City, dousing the New Avengers in the sticky shrapnel! While the two Avengers teams go at it, the Hood and his goons ransack the city blind. Geez, can it get any worse? Yep, it can. Some of them might be Skrulls, too! Check out our match ups and predictions as well two cents from Bendis himself on the fight(s) of the century. Ready? FIGHT!

Luke Cage

Ms. Marvel VS Luke Cage We Say: The two leaders of the respective Avengers teams going head to head would surely have explosive results. Despite her Kree powers, Ms. Marvel may have a hard time taking down a Venom-ed out Cage. Even if she manages to peel off the alien goo, he still has

Ms. Marvel

steel hard skin—and a potty mouth—underneath. Our Winner: Luke Cage Bendis Says: "Ms. Marvel has got Binary stuff somewhere in her. Luke would have the better fighting calls, ya know like 'Sweet Christmas!' But Ms. Marvel would still win." His Winner: Ms. Marvel


Echo VS Wasp We Say: Echo can recreate any action she observes, and the symbiote can imitate anything it comes in contact with. Put them together and that's a whole lot of mimicking going on. Echo's deafness might give also her an edge since she won't be able to hear Wasp buzzing in for the kill with her stings, but Wasp has

The Wasp

years of experience under her tiny belt." Our Winner: Wasp Bendis Says: "Echo? Everybody wins against Echo." His Winner: Wasp


Spider-Man VS Spider-Woman We Say: Spider-traitor VS Spider-traitor. Spider-Woman doesn't know who she can trust, and that could cloud her judgment in battle. On the other hand, no one has more experience with symbiotes than Spidey. He's worn and fought the living costume more than anyone, so he would literally have ton of tricks up his


sleeve. Our Winner: Spider-Man Bendis Says: "Spider-Man wins. He's got the experience and he's the original. That's the way it is. Although she's got the better hair and the better costume." His Winner: Spider-Man

Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange VS Iron Man We Say: This "Clash of the Moustache" has been brewing for quite some time. Despite their brief team up in World War Hulk, these two former Illuminati members each blame each other for the problems currently plaguing the Marvel Universe. Strange might give Shellhead a run for his money when he combines his magic with the alien suit. Then again, Iron Man can incinerate him with a crazy S.H.I.E.L.D. super secret

Iron Man

satellite laser…or something. That, and Iron Man has a movie coming out, Strange doesn't. Sorry, Stevie. Our Winner: Iron Man Bendis Says: "Dr. Strange will pull out the Eye of Agamotto and show Iron Man what a fool he is." His Winner: Dr. Strange


Ronin VS Black Widow We Say: Former lovers always make for the best fights, don't they? The Hero Formerly Known as Hawkeye and Russian redhead Black Widow used to do more than pal around before their Avengers days. Both fierce fighters and fine

Black Widow

acrobats, Natasha might break a sweat when Ronin turns all claws and jaws. However, super spies are super sneaky, so she might pull through in the clinch. Our Winner: Black Widow Bendis Says: "I think Black Widow wins, but it's a very close one. She wins with a broken arm. Actually, ya know what? It's a draw. They are evenly matched." His Winner: Draw


Wolverine VS Ares We Say: Collectively, these two bruisers have probably killed more people than anyone ever. A god versus an indestructible mutant would make for a looong fight. Ares could be at it all day hacking up Wolvie as his healing factor constantly repairs his body, while the symbiote acts as slimy armor. However, we wonder how adamantium claws do against god flesh… Our Winner: Ares Bendis Says: "That would be a good one! I actually want to surprise a few people here. I know Ares is the god or war and everything, but I have to go with Wolverine. It won't be pretty, and there would be parts of him lopped off and growing back slowly, but at the last minute Wolverine gets it. What's interesting is that it hasn't


been revealed that Wolverine is actually Ares' son, so when that comes out the story will get much more interesting." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Bendis is only joking, kids. Wolvie's father was actually a man named Soft John, certainly not the god of war. Read ORIGIN #1 on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!] His Winner: Wolverine

Iron Fist

Iron Fist VS Wonder Man We Say: Sure, kung fu rules and all that, but it may not make a difference even with Iron Fist wrapped up in a symbiote. Unless Danny can add Carnage-esque axes and such to his karate chops, Wonder Man might break him down with the quickness. Keep in mind that Wondy has powerful ion based abilities in addition to his

Wonder Man

super good looks. Our Winner: Wonder Man Bendis Says: "Wonder Man smokes him. Iron Fist has got the fist and the skill and the nerves and everything, but you can't do your karate damage on a guy made out of ionic energy." His Winner: Wonder Man Remember, true believers, this is all just speculation, so be sure to pick up MIGHTY AVENGERS #8 on January 30 for the real action!

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