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Debrief the Secret Avengers: Spider-Woman

Writer Ales Kot provides character insight while artist Michael Walsh shares exclusive art!



Spider-Man and Spider-Woman might share a nickname, but the two heroes will take vastly different approaches to crime-fighting in the coming year. While the former boldly swings around New York City, the latter will spend her time sneaking around the darker corners of the Marvel Universe in the pages of SECRET AVENGERS, which starts with a new #1 on March 12. Spider-Woman joins a squad run by Maria Hill that also includes Black Widow, Agent Coulson, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and M.O.D.O.K.

In the past decade, the woman also known as Jessica Drew experienced a renaissance thanks to appearances in NEW AVENGERS and elsewhere. Now, the character gets back to her spy roots thanks to SECRET AVENGERS writer Ales Kot and artist Michael Walsh.

While many of the other team members have a past with the Secret Avengers, Spider-Woman stands out as a new addition, but she got her start as an unwitting HYDRA agent before joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Jessica Drew wants to learn new things," Kot says. "She's naturally curious, loves exploration. Her past as a spy makes her a prime asset to Hill; she's a rookie compared to Black Widow, however she's still very capable. So what she wants at the beginning is to learn more about the world and make new friends. What she gets—well, you'll see."

Walsh, who created the exclusive teasers on display all this week and next leading up to the comic's debut, explains that he stuck with the classic look for this new chapter in her life.

"Why fix something that's not broken?" Walsh asks. "I love the Spider-Woman costume. It's unique, sleek and fun to draw. I tried to capture some of Jessica's brilliant smile and brightness. I'd love for the readers to have a crush on her."

Kot explains that while the audience might fall for the newbie, her teammates may need some time to get used to the new addition.

"Generally speaking, people on the team will respect each other, but that doesn't mean there won't be friction as we go further," Kot promises.

However, Spider-Woman will find a friend in another arachnid-themed female super spy.

      "The team doesn't have a chance to react at first, except for Black Widow, who instantly takes Jessica out for some quality spa time," says Kot. "Spider-Woman is a professional in her field, but compared to Black Widow she's a rookie. For example: Black Widow knows that relaxation is as important as practice. You overdo one? The imbalance hits you when you're not expecting it. You're on a mission? Be rested. Be at your best. Spider-Woman has to learn that, and she needs to learn to focus—learn more about how to deal with sensory input."

      As it turns out, though, Spider-Woman will add more than just her skills as a spy and super hero to the group. She's got a surprise brewing that even she doesn't know about.

      "Jessica is also bringing something else," Kot teases. "It's a gift. She doesn't know she's got it."

      Spider-Woman's teaser mentions a gift, but when asked who can see the gift if she can't, Kot enigmatically responded, "The bomb. And also the things born out of space and time as we understand them."

      Check back on Monday for more exclusive art from Michael Walsh and commentary from Ales Kot; pick up SECRET AVENGERS #1 on March 12!

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