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SXSW 2014

SXSW 2014: Experience the Upgraded Marvel AR

Go in-depth on the changes and improvements to Marvel's Augmented Reality app!

Two years ago, Marvel introduced an unprecedented app, Marvel AR—Augmented Reality—and changed the way fans could interact with comics. This year, Marvel revitalizes and reintroduces the program to offer an even richer experience.

“It was just time,” John Cerilli, VP of Content & Programming, explains. “After concentrating on the actual content going into the app and pumping it full for nearly two years, we realized the app itself may not be giving users the best experience it can.”

The Marvel AR app

“The Marvel AR app is literally award-winning,” he declares. “We’ve heard so many positive things from the fans [that] use it regularly that we wanted to make sure it keeps growing and advancing as time goes on.”

The most important change should be noticeable right away, according to Cerilli.

“The app itself will function a lot faster and smoother than it has lately,” he promises. “We’ve done a ton of work to make certain of that.”

The upgrades spread from there touching on all aspects of the app beginning with aesthetics.

“As soon as the new app build launches, which will be very soon, users will notice a different logo and color scheme for the app button,” Cerilli reveals.

Beyond appearances, users can expect an increase in the content that they love.

“We promise more 3D!” exclaims Cerilli. “One of the finest executions we’ve done to date was seeing Cap fight Wolverine in our AVENGERS VS X-MEN Hardcover. Fans really loved it. We really loved it. So we’ve figured out a way to budget for them and when fans see what we have in store with some of the new 3D executions, they’re going to love it. We’re also really fond of our Marvel Science series and have a great relationship with some world class thinkers, so you’ll see a lot more of that, too.

The Marvel AR app

“The user immediately gets drawn into a world of Marvel that many of us who work here live every day. Hearing directly from creators, listening to an expert about what broken bones and internal injuries Wolverine would have to heal from after being thrown out of an airplane and following the antics and exploits of the editors who work so hard to bring you Marvel comics every week—this is what Marvel AR and Marvel in general is all about.”

For those who have been with the app for a while now, it will become easier than ever to revisit past favorites.

“We are archiving the nearly 1500 app ‘executions’ we’ve done to this point on Marvel.com/AR, in a newly thought-out page, so getting access to past AR from back issues and trades will be easier than ever, too,” Cerilli pledges.

Finally, for those who may have used the app sometime in the past and have lost track of it, Cerilli points to this as the perfect time to give it another shot:

“This retooling and rethinking was much needed to make the app function up to our standards again and I encourage everyone who reads Marvel Comics to try it out, especially if you haven’t in a while.

“It’s fun, what more reason do you need?”

SXSW 2014: Marvel AR

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      Woody84 member

      Does the AR app work for Marvel Unlimited?


      I tried the AR app again just yesterday and of course and it wasn't working. I searched some random message boards in cyberspace and one guy pointed out that you have to get the whole book/panel in focus to access the content! I tried it and it worked. It would be nice if you could include instructions into the app! I'm used to scan icons and I was focusing on the red AR icon, zooming in on it, putting it under ideal lighting, tilting the book, anything to get that damn thing to work!! Who knew? I also think connecting via wifi vs Sprint's crap 3g/4g helped also.

      Instructions. Give it a whirl!