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The Marvel Life

Live the Marvel Life with Amber Nash & Lucky Yates

Two of the stars of Archer: Vice discuss the show, going to conventions, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and more!

For those of you who haven’t caught up with FX’s “Archer,” ISIS has been in a bit of a transition phase.

The spies have turned to a life of crime to keep their lifestyles afloat, and in true “Archer” fashion, things continue to get stranger. We recently sat down with two of the show’s stars, Amber Nash (Pam) and Lucky Yates (Krieger), to get the scoop on what’s going on and also talk a little bit about Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four and more.

Lucky Yates: Oh, dude. That “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer is amazing!

Marvel.com: You saw it?

Lucky Yates: I’ve watched it like 25 times, are you kidding me?

Marvel.com: What’s your favorite part?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Lucky Yates: You know what my absolute favorite part is? “What a bunch of a-holes.” Peter Serafinowicz’s line, the final line of the thing. “What a bunch of a-holes.” So great.

Marvel.com: Were you into Guardians before?

Lucky Yates: I always knew of them but they always seemed like one of those B-teams where you’re just like, I know they’re out there with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, but I never really followed them. But boy howdy, I’m gonna dig up some old issues now. I just knew them through Nova or whatever and then now…

Marvel.com: I think you mentioned at New York Comic Con that you were a Fantastic Four fan.

Lucky Yates: Yeah, as a kid. I was crazy about Fantastic Four.

Marvel.com: What drew you to them?

Lucky Yates: What drew me to them initially was the Thing because I’m a huge monster guy. The Thing and the Hulk—that was it. When I was a kid, you couldn’t get cooler super heroes than that. The Thing was my all-time favorite super hero when I was a kid but then you start reading them and it was just this great, weird family dynamic. A lot of arguing and Johnny Storm just being a cocky jerk. I loved it.

Marvel.com: So you mentioned you were a fan of the Hulk as well. Let’s say, out of the Avengers would he be your favorite guy?

Lucky Yates: It’s between him and Thor. It’s either a god or a monster. I loved the Thor films and I’m really hoping for another Hulk. I like what Mark Ruffalo did with the Hulk. What he did with Banner just made him so wonderfully likeable and cool. I’m hoping that another Hulk movie comes along. If not, I can’t wait for [“Avengers: Age of Ultron”] to come just so I can see more Hulk.

Marvel.com: Do you have any Marvel art displayed or anything?

Lucky Yates: Of course I do! I have a [Jack] Kirby Hulk, a big Kirby Hulk hanging in my hallway. It’s a panel that a buddy of mine blew up into a big art. It’s 18x14 or something like that. It’s an old Kirby panel of the Hulk yelling about how nothing can stop him.

Marvel.com: Amber, what are you personally a nerd of?


Amber Nash: You know I’ve always felt like a poser when I go to cons because I’m not nearly nerdy enough to get away with it. I nerd out about “Psychology Today” magazine. You know what I mean? I’m not into the pop culture nerd kind of stuff so half the time I have no idea what’s going on, so I’ll be like, “What’s this? What’s going on? Who are these guys?” [Laughs]

Marvel.com: So, you’d say science is your nerd hobby?

Amber Nash: Yeah. I like psychology. I have a degree in psychology so I kind of nerd out about that stuff. That’s really just about it. I love, of course, “Game of Thrones.” That’s one of my favorite shows. That’s probably just about as nerdy as it gets.

Marvel.com: You attend a lot of conventions for “Archer.” What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at one of them?

Lucky Yates: Oh man. One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen is there was a guy at DragonCon who built a M.O.D.O.K. suit and it’s really awesome. The thing is huge, man. And the jet propulsion underneath him is where the legs are hidden. It’s pretty great. Other than drunk celebs wandering around, I don’t know. With DragonCon being here in Atlanta, it’s all about the costuming for me. I love cosplayers and their devotion to it and just how detailed they get it. It’s so unbelievable, man. They put so much work into it and it’s just a hobby. It’s crazy! But, amazing.

Amber Nash: Lucky and I were, I think it was in Milwaukee, and it was a small con so there weren’t a ton of people there and there weren’t a ton of guests either. [We] were top billing. We’re just like regular people; we’re not even like the most exciting people on the show. We were hanging out late at our table signing autographs and there was this couple and—I don’t know a lot about anime, it was an anime con and I know nothing about anime—the girl was wearing this really revealing costume and she wanted Lucky to sign her ass. And Lucky was like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” And I was like, well, if you get to sign her ass, I get to sign her husband’s ass. And so we both ended up signing their butts and got pictures of it. That was pretty fun.


Marvel.com: I’m sure you’ve seen people dressed up like your characters from “Archer” as well.

Amber Nash: It’s so amazing. The first time I saw it I was like, “holy crap. This is a big deal!” People have all these costumes they want to wear and look like Pam and I’ve been seeing all kinds of different Pams from all different episodes. My favorite is Man-Pam. Whenever there’s a Man-Pam, it’s always the best. I came back from San Diego Comic-Con with an extra Dolphin puppet and so I did a cosplay contest on my Twitter page and so many people submitted tons of awesome pictures of people dressed as Pam and the winner got the puppet.

Lucky Yates: Oh, dude. The first time it happened I was beside myself. I was really treating that dude like he was the biggest celebrity in the world. I’m a nerd. I grew up a nerd. I’m an actor and a live theatre guy so the whole “Archer” success thing is a wonderful surprise but something I never really expected to happen. So the first time, and I’ve been going to DragonCon for a decade and all that, but suddenly seeing the first Krieger, I couldn’t believe it. And now there [are] just throngs of them. Krieger and his hologram bride are a very popular couple’s costume. It’s amazing. It’s really hard to describe just the feeling of, man, you’re so in love with this character that I played. It’s so weird and great and cool. It’s awesome. The fans are great.

Marvel.com: I would love to see what that experience is like, where you’re freaking out over the guy dressed as your character and he’s freaking out over meeting you.

Amber Nash (photo courtesy of FX)

Lucky Yates: So I approached him, right, and said, “That’s an amazing Krieger.” And he’s like, “Oh, thanks.” And I was like, “I play him on the show. I can’t believe this is happening!” and he kind of didn’t believe me for a minute. “What?” Because you know, it’s in Atlanta and all that. He was just like, “What?” And finally, once he figured it out, yeah. We were both sort of slack-jawed. Just sort of staring at each other like, “Ooooh! You! It’s you! You did it!”

Marvel.com: Tell me about “Archer: Vice.”

Lucky Yates: I think it’s the greatest thing ever. I think if the gang sort of keeps reinventing their drives and goals through weird careers, there [are] endless possibilities of the stupid [expletive] they can get into. We’ve heard rumblings that like, okay, things are going to be a little different this season. And then we finally get the script and oh my god, it was so cool. The cast was unanimously like this is the greatest thing ever! But then of course, the producers were like, “We hope so! We don’t know if anybody’s gonna freak out!”

Marvel.com: Can you tease anything about upcoming episodes for the fans?

Amber Nash: I think that all the big crazy stuff everyone has already seen. Like the fact that they’re no longer spies and all the stuff is going so bananas. But I think that it’s pretty clear that they’re probably gonna be on this track for a while. I think for next season also, they’re going to be doing the same kind of stuff but I don’t know for sure. I just did an interview yesterday and they asked me if Pam gets fat again before the end of the season. We’re waiting for her to get fat again because it’s gotta happen. We still haven’t recorded the last episode and she hasn’t gotten fat again yet. It’s like, “Oh no! What’s going to happen with Pam?!”

Lucky Yates (photo courtesy of FX)

Lucky Yates: She will. Pam will. She’s got to. Pam’s not Pam unless she’s a big girl, you know?

Amber Nash: And of course, I think the big thing for the last episode is Lana and her baby. I have no idea what’s going to happen with that. Also, all the episodes that I’ve recorded up until that point, I have no idea. I don’t remember any of them. I watch them like everybody else, “What’s happening?” I totally forgot what the script was like.

Marvel.com: What do you hope happens to Krieger in the future?

Lucky Yates: Oh boy. It’s always funny. Anything I ever hope for Krieger usually gets usurped by [series creator] Adam [Reed] doing even cooler things with Krieger. There is some amazing stuff, I really can’t say anything, but towards the end of the season, there is a Krieger storyline that happens that I am so geeked about. It’s so awesome. It does involved clones. My biggest thing with Krieger is that I would love him to: A) build this big army, and B) build a giant robot. An army of hobos and a giant robot I think would be the two greatest dreams come true, both for me as the guy who plays him and probably that dude.


Watch” Archer Vice” Mondays at 10 PM ET on FX. Follow them on Twitter @ArcherFX and join in the conversation with #GoVice and #ArcherFX. You can also catch Amber and Lucky’s sketch comedy team at http://www.dadsgarage.com/ for podcasts, videos and more. And finally, you can follow them on Twitter at @ambercnash and @luckyyates.

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