Unleash the Beast in Savage Hulk this June

Editor Mark Paniccia discusses the all-star line-up for the Green Goliath’s new series, including Alan Davis and Jim Starli



Starting this June, creator like Alan Davis and Jim Starlin rouse a jade giant to splendorous feats of rage in an all-new anthology series.

SAVAGE HULK sees an astonishing array of storytellers contributing to the continuing exploits of Dr. Bruce Banner and the beast within.

“We wanted big names, super stars and break out talent to tell their unique Hulk stories within continuity,” explains series editor Mark Paniccia. “That might be now, or using elements of the past and perhaps even glimpses of the future. It all comes back to the current Hulk mythos while letting the talent cut loose with that Hulk story that they’ve been dying to tell.”

These stories require little familiarity with the events in Mark Waid and Mark Bagley’s forthcoming HULK series, though they remain informed by that same status quo.

“In order to give our creators as much freedom as they need, the stories can take place pretty much anytime, but work within the framework of continuity,” Paniccia says.

Though the title suggests a depiction of the Hulk at his most primal and uninhibited, his long-suffering alter ego plays a crucial role in these tales as well.

      “I like to see the heroic side of Bruce Banner,” shares Paniccia. “He’s one of Marvel’s most tortured souls and yet he wants to do the right thing. I find stories that emphasize this very interesting. It’s not just about the man or the monster, it’s about both. How do you cope with such a curse? How do you deal with that inner turmoil and the constant fear of hurting those around you?”

      Then, after a momentary pause, he concedes, “And I like lots of punching and smashing like any Hulk fan.”

      It all starts with a battle royal between the Hulk and a cabal of his most formidable enemies, all written and drawn by Alan Davis.

      “Alan’s [story] involves the X-Men, the Leader, the Abomination and the Hulkbusters,” says Paniccia. “It’s great because he taps into the stuff I was just talking about with Bruce yet still manages to get in the kind of action and mayhem you want to see in a Hulk book. There are some great splashes and spreads. The story is great and the art is amazing and he reminds us that he’s one of the best X-Men artists out there all over again.”

      The next story line, by champion of space opera Jim Starlin, promises to leave the Hulk seeing stars, according to Paniccia:

      “Jim’s stuff is classic Starlin, taking Bruce and Hulk into some very freaky places and it’s another case of a creator going full blast with the kind of stuff we love to see from them. Thanos, Annihilus, Blastaar and more. It’s crazy fun and action packed and super detailed. Jim’s putting his A-game into this.”

      SAVAGE HULK #1 by Alan Davis smashes its way to you this June

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      “And I like lots of punching and smashing like any Hulk fan.”

      This really makes me sad.  Hulk fans want more than just the Hulk smashing things. We want more of the Green Scar and more Joe Fixit.  We want the Hulk that battled Zeus to save his family. The Hulk is so much more than just "Hulk Smash"


      You had me at Alan Davis but then you said Jim Starlin and Hulk...Yeah!


      They keep renumbering the comic because hulk doesn't sell well.


      I'm thrilled to read about this!

      Now, can we eventually get back to having one, long, continuous run of the Hulk?  You, know?  Like how comics used to be?  I'm getting sick of this "here's a new #1 issue of the Hulk" every few months.  Jason Aaron's run almost ruined the Hulk completely, so I guess I should be glad when Waid took over.  But now its another reset.  Is this going to keep happening over and over? WTFFFFF


      @hollywood0239  I don't remember the exact interview but a Marvel editor said they are going to take a season style approach to many books.  The series won't be a reboot each time, but it will be a better chance to gain new readers. For long time hulk fans it just means more dividers in our long boxes.