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Original Sin

Learn the Avengers' Original Sin as Captain America Remembers Everything

Jonathan Hickman previews Captain America learning the Illuminati's crime and much more!

Suspicion flits through Steve Rogers’ mind. Something was taken from him. He can’t account for time. Not all of it. If only he knew that the events he struggles to remember represent one of his darkest hours, when his friends betrayed him, snubbed out the very memory, and cast him out from their trust.

This May, starting in AVENGERS #29 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu, Captain America remembers.

“Since the first issue of AVENGERS and the very beginning of NEW AVENGERS, it’s the thing that’s been sitting in the background, the thing you knew would come to a head,” says Hickman. “Captain America remembering. That the Illuminati reformed and kicked him out because he didn’t have his blood up enough. He remembers.”

Following the loss of the reassembled Infinity Gauntlet in a desperate effort to prevent a collision of worlds, Captain America refused to concede to his brethren in the Illuminati. Aware Cap would likely never yield, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange removed him from the equation, tabula rasa in place of the memory.

      “He remembers the Illuminati standing over him,” continues Hickman. “When the events of Original Sin happen, that’s the catalyst that unlocks all of that stuff in his head. One night he goes to sleep not remembering. The next day he wakes up and he does. That fundamentally changes the world that he lives in, what this larger Avengers World is all about. This machine that he and Tony built. It colors all of that in a completely new light. It’ll color Captain America moving forward for the next year.”

      Meanwhile, Hickman plans to bring the long-simmering feud between Black Panther and Namor to a head in NEW AVENGERS. Considering that that standoff played out in bloody war between Wakanda and Atlantis, the next stage in their conflict could shatter worlds.

      “Namor basically betrayed Black Panther and, in essence, the whole Illuminati in order to preserve what was left of Atlantis,” says Hickman, in reference to the Atlantean’s cloak and dagger maneuvering during Thanos’ recent invasion.

          INFINITY represented a major turning point in that saga, but now that the smoke is cleared, the writer hopes to take that more personal conflict “full steam ahead.” While Hickman thrilled at the scope and gravity of INFINITY, he’s equally excited for the character studies at the center of Original Sin and its themes of betrayal and atonement. Wronged so profoundly, can either Captain America or Black Panther even consider forgiveness?

          “I think we’ve skirted around the question of these heroes’ capacity to do something villainous, because they don’t have any other choice,” Hickman notes. “These issues during Original Sin will answer that. The next year for both AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS is going to be pretty crazy. We’ve got Valerio Schiti on art in NEW AVENGERS and Leinil Yu drawing AVENGERS, and the books just look beautiful. Both of these are six-issue arcs, and both of those guys are just killing it.”

          Continue to follow Marvel.com for all the latest news on Original Sin before the event kicks off this May!

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          Namor has to play "second fiddle" because he's still the same lackluster, one-note, character that he's been since his creation in the 1940's. And there was no anti X-Men rant at the end of AvX. This was merely an instance where the squeaky clean X-Men (with their cliched and tired victim theme) weren't shielded and protected by the editorial office, when they went up against another team.

          rj155500 member

          Still mad about AvX ending up as an anti X-Men rant.  Namor has to play second fiddle to Black Panther (who has never been a fun character btw), and yet again we see Capt. America mad at Tony Stark.  Color me surprised.  How about a book where Cap has to actually accept the fact that his self righteous crusade against the X-Men was more out of jealousy than anything else.  "Judge not lest ye be judged Cap" . . . . sure would love to see a character tell him that one!


          Captain America and Barman are entirely different characters. I do hope Originall Sin doesn't end up being another event that goes nowhere as far as proper exploration of the characters motivations are concerned.

          HudsonHouse member

          JLA crisis of Conscience 

          Batman = Captain America


          Original Sin sounds like it might be fun to read with all of the crazy stuff that happened during AvX, BOTA and Ifinity set against the backdrop of Uatu's murder. The fallout from Captain America's betrayal at the hands of the illuminati promises to be just as explosive as that of T'Challa the Black Panther when he finds out who it was that directed Thanos and his army to Wakanda on a fools errand. 

          I hope all concerned bring their respective A-Game to the proceedings.


          @ICEMAYNEYou'll have to direct me to all the buzz for Namor's movie.  Last I heard, Feige said Marvel Studios didn't have the rights (or apparently the interest) to Namor, and Universal hasn't done squat with the movie since 2009.


          Man, what a travesty to see any "boring" character get more attention from Marvel than Namor gets.  I mean, come on.  Namor has significantly longer solo comic runs and has waaaaaaay more buzz for a solo movie than any "boring" character Marvel has to offer.  


          Cap mad at Tony.  Like we haven't seen that before.

          What war?  Hickman didn't show a single panel, much less anything of the Atlantean side of the conflict.  The whole war was one-sided, was sheer jobbery of Atlantis, and read like a Wakandan propaganda story.  And I see it continues, as he disregards that Black Panther betrayed Namor, and the Illuminati, by allowing Namor's peace proposal to be used for a genocidal sneak attack on Atlantis, that negated whatever contribution Namor and the Atlanteans could have made to the bigger problem of the Incursions.

          I was so looking forward to seeing a storyline about Namor and the Atlanteans after AvX, but once again, Marvel wastes the opportunity and Namor ends up propping up yet another boring character in T'challa.


          The great thing about this is that we get to play "who done it?" With the entire marvel universe. I guess it would be fun to make vegas bets on It. So far, i have money on either Iron man. He witnessed the living tribunals death with the watcher which we still dont know why that came to pass, or thanos' son thane. He took off but to where? He posses living death. Whoever it is must have godlike abilities. I guess ill get my friends toGether and discuss it. Break it down and figure it out before issue 1 hits the shelves.


          Color me super excited! Anything Hickman does is awesome. I've loved his worked on Avengers and New Avengers and Infinity was awesome. Bring it on!