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Tuesday Q&A: Wolverine - Three Months to Die

Axel Alonso and Mike Marts shed light on the impending fate of Logan and what’s to come!



Not content with once having offed a certain “caped crusader” at another company, upon his triumphant return to the hallowed halls of Marvel, Executive Editor Mike Marts immediately began to plot the demise of the most popular mutant super hero of all time. To make matters even more serious, he’s somehow roped Marvel Editor-in-Chief Editor Axel Alonso into his plot to kill Wolverine in a story beginning this June called “Three Months to Die.”

Such villainy cannot scoot by without comment, thus the following interview with Marts and Alonso, the men behind the upcoming assault.

Wolverine: Three Months to Die

Marvel.com: Gentlemen, what are the origins of “Three Months to Die”? Who first proposed Logan’s actual death and why?

Mike Marts: Like most big story ideas, this one has been floating around the House of Ideas for quite a while now. It’s difficult to pinpoint who actually first proposed it; most likely it’s the result of several different people’s ideas and opinions. But the timing seemed right to tackle such an aggressive storyline. Much like ORIGIN over a decade ago, this story is too good not to attempt. We’d be remiss in our duties as storytellers not to deliver the best possible, most exciting story to our readers.

Axel Alonso: Once we committed to Wolverine losing his healing factor, all roads led us to the place.

Marvel.com: When the idea sunk in, and the possibilities were evident, what was the mood like in the room? How excited did everyone get?

Wolverine (2014) #8 cover by Steve McNiven

Mike Marts: The excitement spread like wildfire. As you can imagine when you get a group of creative minds together in a closed room and someone ignites a small yet incredibly cool idea ripe with potential, the fire spreads pretty quickly! New ideas start piling in, and pretty soon a storyline starts to form. It’s an exciting process to be a part of.

Marvel.com: In the actual story, why should Logan die? Does he do something to deserve it?

Mike Marts: You’re asking if Wolverine were to die, why should he die? At the core of the story you have a character who’s essentially an immortal warrior now stripped of that very special ingredient which has kept him immortal all these years. But the exact details of why a character like Logan might die will become more apparent over the next several months in the pages of WOLVERINE.

Axel Alonso: And I think that deep down, Logan knows he might deserve to die for some of the stuff he's done. He's tried to atone, but has he?

Marvel.com: What can you say about the method of his death? Does he go out fighting?

Wolverine (2014) #8 variant cover by Ryan Stegman

Mike Marts: The Spoiler Police aren’t allowing me to say anything specific about what methods might be employed, but suffice to say that if this is indeed Logan’s final battle, it has to be one of epic proportions. So would he be going out fighting? I feel extremely comfortable spoiling that with a Big Fat Yes.

Axel Alonso: Spoiler alert: He will not die of natural causes.

Marvel.com: Would he die alone, or in the company of others?

Mike Marts: This storyline has plenty of guest stars, some expected, some most definitely unexpected.

Marvel.com: What kind of blow could this be to the Marvel Universe in general?

Mike Marts: Without giving too much away, the repercussions of this storyline will be felt for months and years to come. All corners of the Marvel Universe will affected by this momentous storyline.

Axel Alonso: One of the most exciting questions is, who or what—if anything—will fill the void that's created?

Wolverine (2014) #9 variant cover by Ryan Stegman

Marvel.com: Mike, how does it feel to be back at Marvel and working on such a huge, cool project like “Three Months to Die”?

Mike Marts: It’s amazing to be back at Marvel during such an exciting time where the company is firing on all cylinders: publishing, cinema, television and more. There are so many cool projects in development here—and it’s a true honor to work on this storyline, which I consider to be the coolest of the crop!

Marvel.com: And, Axel, how does it feel to have Mike back? How is he perfect for this project?

Axel Alonso: In the world of comics, Mike is the "Godfather of Death," so yeah, it's good.

Follow Logan over the next few months in WOLVERINE, with “Three Months to Die” kicking off in June!

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My god! Wolverine, dead?!?! As dead as Nightcrawler, Bucky, Thor, Storm, Human Torch, Norman Osborn, Colossus, Cable, Cypher, Daken, Banshee, Multiple Man, Ant Man, Odin, Black Bolt, Loki, Sentry, freakin Aunt May, Hawkeye, Peter Parker, Magik, Jean Grey, Jean Grey, Jean Grey, Jean Grey, Hercules??? I can't believe it!!!


I think we, the fans, should take the stance that "The Walking Dead" fans have about Daryl Dixon, Daryl Dies. We Riot!

I understand you feel that you need to go down this road. So I'll modify it, Wolverine Stays Dead. We Riot!


how long before they bring him back? i give it 5 months...