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Original Sin

See 18 Sneaky Watcher Cameos featuring Galactus, Civil War and More

Before Uatu meets his end in Original Sin, get a rundown on what the Watcher's watched!

The future doesn't look too bright for the Watcher. With Original Sin kicking off in May, the Marvel Universe's bald, baby-faced alien ally's days are numbered. Considering all the mayhem that Uatu's seen during his tenure as chronicler of Earth's happenings, we're impressed that he's lasted as long as he has. But all that changes in May's ORIGINAL SIN #1 by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato, when the Watcher finally pays the price – possibly for seeing too much.

For a guy sworn to never interfere in the lives of those he watches, Uatu sure does make a lot of trips to Earth just to warn heroes of impending, universe-shattering doom. Sometimes he talks, sometimes he doesn't; either way, a visit from the Watcher means trouble. Here are 18 surprise appearances by the Marvel Universe's nosiest neighbor, and the reasons behind his visits.

FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #48, because Galactus needed a planet to snack on


      FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #113, because he overestimated the threat of Over-Mind


          FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #188, because Molecule Man taking control of Reed Richards' body posed a big problem


              AVENGERS (1963) #334, because he overestimated the threat of…Thane Ector!


                  AVENGERS (1963) #357, because he wanted to let the Avengers know that their '90's makeovers would soon be the least of their worries


                      FANTASTIC FOUR (1963) #397, because a Skrull warship entered Earth's orbit


                          UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #335, because Apocalypse woke up from his nap (a really evil nap)

                              CAPTAIN AMERICA (1998) #15, because the war between Captain America and Red Skull had gone too far (also because Cap's apartment had enough floor space for cosmic yoga)


                                  THOR (1998) #37, because the Destroyer threatened the alien Tarene's ascension


                                      UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #472, because Psylocke's resurrection at the hands of Jamie Braddock threatened all of reality


                                          CIVIL WAR (2006) #1, because of the Civil War


                                              BLACK PANTHER (2005) #18, because he got an invitation to Storm and Black Panther’s wedding


                                                  NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) #2, because Reed Richards treated the Infinity Gauntlet like a toy


                                                      FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) #549, because the universe threatened to fall apart


                                                          SECRET INVASION (2008) #7, because of the war with the Skrulls, and also because Spider-Man just joked that the situation must not be dire because the Watcher hadn't shown up


                                                              INCREDIBLE HULKS (2009) #606, because he needed to get all up in the Hulk’s personal business


                                                                  FEAR ITSELF (2010) #1, because of the impending battle with Odin's evil brother and the Red Skull's equally evil daughter


                                                                      WOLVERINE (2013) #4, because Wolverine needed a little nudge to cooperate with S.H.I.E.L.D.

                                                                          Continue to follow Marvel.com for all the latest news on Original Sin before the event kicks off this May!



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                                                                          Also Red Hulk punched him in the face lol


                                                                          I remember an old Spidey story, where the Watcher and an alien was betting on a children football game.


                                                                          What??  No mention of the trial of the Watcher, or Dr. Doom attacking him, or his "Schroedinger's Cat" effect on the Hod in the New Avengers?  For shame.