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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: The Watcher

Somebody finally asks Uatu how he's feeling!

This writer has a great difficulty describing this most recent session. The client, insofar as any kind of designation can be assigned to him, is known, colloquially, as “The Watcher.” He (it?) is a cosmic entity who presents with an enlarged cranium and a humanoid body. Despite his disproportional features, he appears to have no ailments or consequences connected to these physical abnormalities. However, as he is not human, it is difficult to apply human physiological standards to him so this is entirely by the client’s own self reporting.

The client “presented” himself to this writer in the middle of the night. He explained that he had an important role in the universe; he exists to bear witness to important events and never, ever intercede. As the writer overcame his existential horror at being visited by such a, seemingly, ageless creature, I made as much room as possible for the client to discuss himself. It seemed as though he rarely, if ever, had a chance to discuss his own feelings regarding what he had seen and encountered.

Over time, the Watcher eventually disclosed that, despite his purpose, he had interceded now and again. He was generally resistant to discussing the when and where of his more active activities, but he was able to discuss his ambivalence about behaving in this manner. He expressed guilt, shame, exhilaration, pride, and, eventually, angry that he is repeatedly made to choose between why he exists and what he feels is “the right thing to do.”

      The client declined to discuss with this writer why he would be choosing therapy, but did confess that something big was coming. Something he would, for some reason he could not quite discern, be unable to witness. He admitted he was worried that the times he had violated his purpose somehow were leading to a stripping of his abilities or an exile of some kind.

      He mentioned someone named Aron, but waved off the writer’s attempts to explore this more in-depth, explaining that humans were not meant to know such things.

      The Watcher has been referred out to Doctors Mark Waid and Jim Cheung as they have more cosmic psychology experience and slots open for new clients. His first session is set for April 16 and the notes can be found in file ORIGINAL SIN #0.

      Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens, MA is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City. He rarely has time to consult with entities of vast cosmic power these days, but will always make time for bald giant headed men in white robes.



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      Very fascinating articles, and looking forward to Original Sin! Should be mind-blowing!