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Original Sin

Learn Deadpool's Extremely Personal Original Sin

Gerry Duggan teases revelations to come on the fate of Wade Wilson's family and more!

While Deadpool stands culpable for any number of crimes, misdemeanors and breaches of common decency, his handlers in the Weapon Plus program could boast far dirtier deeds. When they made the Merc with a Mouth, they erased his past. Years later, Wade Wilson sifts through the collateral damage. Who killed his parents, and what would he do if he learned the truth?

This May, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and John Lucas air Wade and the Butler’s dirty laundry. It all starts in DEADPOOL #29.

“One secret readers have been wondering about will be revealed, and it won't be pretty,” promises Duggan. “One secret you didn't know about will also be revealed and it will be much, much uglier than the first secret.”

      Thankfully, Deadpool won’t be alone as he surveys his past. The events of Original Sin might not make for the best honeymoon, but he and his new vampire bride Shiklah face it all together. It’s only fair, given all the skeletons in her own casket.

      “Deadpool wins and loses,” Duggan continues. “There are some laughs, and we'll finally put to bed the question that everyone has been asking about Deadpool: ‘Will he be able to participate in the next Take Your Daughter to Work Day?’"

      Can Wade even feel guilty? Does he have a conscience?

      “Yes,” replies Duggan, “We're seeing evidence of that more and more. His gifts to the elderly Ms. Camacho were inadequate, and immature but they were freely given, and given in the right spirit, of remorse. Remember, in North Korea, when Deadpool was down in that pit? He confessed to Preston that he has a recollection of a confrontation with Carmelita and a baby Eleanor. If Wade feels guiltily, he probably has a good reason.”

      Dirty laundry often isn’t pretty, least of all Wade’s. Luckily a host of talented artists wait in the wings to render every bloodied sock and soiled underthing.

          “We have Joltin' John Lucas drawing our Original Sin story and he's doing a bang-up job,” says Duggan. “Deadpool recruits a very special person to help assist with the vampire problem that he and Shiklah inherited after their wedding. Then the events of Original Sin dramatically alter not just this story arc, but the events in Deadpool's life. After Lucas we'll have another ‘inventory’ issue, this one from the 90’s. It will assuredly be the inventory issue with the most connective tissue to the story we're telling. Then Mike Hawthorne returns as Deadpool tries to pick up the pieces as the good, the bad, and the ugly and the truly wonderful bits of his past return just as he started a new life with a new wife.” 

          Then there’s that central mystery at the center of Original Sin. With a chalk outline around the massive noggin of the Watcher, could Deadpool be found as the guilty merc with the candlestick in the observatory?

          “Never eliminate Wade in any homicide investigation,” advises Duggan. “I look forward to people updating Hitler's Wikipedia page after DEADPOOL #26.”

          Continue to follow Marvel.com for all the latest news on Original Sin before the event kicks off this May!



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          rj155500 member

          My favorite Deadpool was the Deadpool from X-Force.  That whole child apocalypse thing was awesome.  Deadpool was his best and most likable in that series.  Check it out if you haven't yet.  


          Wow sounds pretty good. I can't wait for #26 with Hitler. I'm learning about him in college but no one knows he is a time traveler. This is the first I'm hearing about learning about Deadpool's past. Sounds fun hearing that he may of killed his parents I'm guess but who knows yet what it will really be. I wonder if Carmelita is still alive? Maybe she will come back and get in the way of Deadpool and Shiklah? And what did happen to Deapool's baby with Carmelita? I don't think it is dead from North Korea, the baby should make a come back. It could be baby Shogo or something. I caught the Shiklah being a vampire error too, nice reporting it.


          But Shiklah is his Succubus bride o3o