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Marvel 75th Anniversary

Behold the Top 10 Atlas Era Monsters Pt. 2

We give our rankings of the greatest menaces from Marvel’s forgotten age!

Bridging the Golden Age of Timely Comics in the 1940’s and the explosion of the Marvel Universe in the 1960’s, Atlas Comics veered away from super heroes and branched out into other genres like romance, crime, Westerns and humor.

And monsters—oh did they have monsters.

You can read more about the Atlas Age of comics, but all this week we’ll be counting down the 10 most memorable and menacing monsters that appeared in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERYTALES OF SUSPENSETALES TO ASTONISH and elsewhere before the likes of Thor and Iron Man made the scene.

Let us know what you think on Twitter @Marvel by using the hash tag #Marvel75

Read part one!


      8. SPRAGG
      First Appearance: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #68
      Why He’s #8: “Spragg, the Living Hill began so humbly. An intergalactic spore set adrift in the void of space that, somehow, eventually, made its way to the core of our planet. There, the combination of heat and minerals of the forming Earth somehow interacted with it and turned it into a powerful energy entity, capable of possesses the rock around it. With its telekinetic abilities it could cause earthquakes wherever and whenever it pleased. But Spragg had bigger plans—much bigger. He wished to rule the world, a wish only derailed by scientist Bob Robertson’s timely arrival in Transylvania and dogged determination. Over the years, however, Spragg has returned time and again to do battle with Robertson, a battle that has swept up the likes of She-Hulk and the New Warriors in its wake.” – Tim Stevens

          7. THE HUMAN ROBOT
          First Appearance: MENACE #11
          Why He’s #7: “A humanoid robot may not sound terrifying, but the calculating metal monster unleashed by Stan Lee and John Romita in 1954's MENACE #11 still racked up a shocking body count. The scientist that built the Human Robot came into conflict with his business manager, who valued making money over changing the world. The business manager gave the robot a secret order: "kill the man in the room." The Human Robot murdered his creator the next time he stepped into the room, leaving ol' H.R.'s defective programming intact. That defect? He repeated every task he was assigned in an infinite loop! With the kill command on repeat, the Human Robot took out the business manager next, thus beginning his unstoppable killing spree. Thankfully the Human Robot received a programming adjustment by the time he joined the Agents of Atlas as the super hero M-11.” – Brett White
          Digital Comics Spotlight: AGENTS OF ATLAS #1

          Come back tomorrow to see two more entries on the list, share your thoughts on Twitter with the hash tag #Marvel75 and keep up on Marvel’s 75th anniversary celebration at marvel.com/75




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