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Original Sin

Read the Original Sins Liveblog

Find out all about series that will reveal even more secrets during this summer's event!

Ready for Original Sin, kicking off with a special prologue issue on April 16? Well get set for more mindblowing details!

ORIGINAL SINS will accompany the main event with stories featuring the Young Avengers, Deathlok and more by an army of amazing talent. Replay the liveblog below to learn more from Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort!

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      What I want to know is who on Earth has the power to kill a Watcher and why would anyone on Earth want to kill Uatu the Watcher considering all the times he stepped in to directly or indirectly save the Earth? Plus it has already been revealed that Watchers don't die the same way Mortal & Immortal beings do ----QUASAR # 13-16( 8-11/90 ) "Journey Into Mystery Part one to four " the Watchers started to will themselves to die because they thought the act of watching was violating their non-interference policy( this was called the OBLIVION PLAGUE ) but Quasar pointed out that their mass dying was causing the very interference that they were worried about[ Quasar # 16  http://www.comics.org/issue/48738 ] so they willed themselves back to life again( How they knew to do that if they were already dead just proves that Watchers don't die the same way Mortals or even Immortals do---cause Odin or Zeus or any Earth God can't will themselves back from the dead ). Other than the ULTIMATE NULLIFIER[ Fantastic Four vol.1 # 50 ] or the REALITY GEM, I can't think of any thing on Marvel Earth that could kill a Watcher----seeing as how the OBLIVION PLAGUE proves they are very hard to kill and stay dead.


      I beg to differ. There been too much damn Cyclops for years now. I get that he is suppose to be the basic white male for some people to project themselves on, but seriously the excessive man pain he got going is so unattractive. What is worse is that any character linked with him, just get shafted. Emma Frost being a prime example of becoming worse off by being linked with him. Her development has taken a serious down turn the past few years by having to the lady on his arm so he could "look better". You see plenty of Cyclops every month imo. You see too much even. Would be nice with some other perspective instead of the same old boring Cyclops blahblahblah.


      Hmm... no Cyclops again, disappointing. Even his younger self got his own series, Modern Cyclops is like being left to rot..... so sad