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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fangirls: WWE Diva Lita

The soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer discusses her career, WrestleMania memories, how she’d fit on the Avengers, plus much more

For nearly a decade, Amy Dumas wowed WWE fans as Lita, a Diva who paved the way for revolutionary advances in women’s wrestling. Her accomplishments will be recognized and celebrated when she enters the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend as part of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We got to speak with Lita about her upcoming induction, her WrestleMania memories, what role she would play in the Avengers, her favorite Marvel movie and more!

Lita (courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: First of all, congratulations on your upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. How did you react when you heard the news?

Lita: It was out of nowhere for me. I wasn’t anticipating or crossing my fingers, or going, “Oh, it’s going to be ‘Mania season, they’re gonna start announcing people, I wonder if it’s me.” I’m pretty much a “whatever happens, happens,” kind of person, so yeah it was exciting but I can’t say it was anticipated.

Marvel.com: What are you mostly looking forward to in the ceremony and at WrestleMania in general?

Lita: I’m really looking forward to taking this moment, not only for the fans but for myself, because it’s like you’re always on to the next thing, you don’t get a chance to think about it. Or you don’t want to come across as, “Yeah, I did that!” because it takes so many people for one moment to happen. It’s like, the writers, the cameramen, the producers, the lighting crew, the people that come to the event. You don’t want to be like, “I did that. I’m cool.” but that’s kind of like what this moment’s about. While it’s a little uncomfortable to me, I’m looking forward to embracing it. Taking that moment for what it’s supposed to be and then going back to real life.

Marvel.com: Looking back at other WrestleMania events that you have been a part of, what has been your favorite and why?

Lita (courtesy of WWE)

Lita: Jeez, okay. You asked that in a singular question and I’m going to give you a singular answer. My favorite child, as I’m going to go and pick out, is the run-in series in the Astrodome, I believe it was [WrestleMania X-Seven], it was a TLC [Tables, Ladders, and Chairs] match [with] the Dudleys, Edge & Christian, and the Hardys where the Dudleys’ equalizer was Spike, Edge & Christian’s was Rhyno, and I was there for the Hardys. So we all did the run-ins and running past what was the largest crowd I had been in front of, at the Astrodome, and getting to jump into the middle of their already awesome match was really a super exciting match event and part of the match to be involved in. And just like bending the chair over Spike Dudley’s head and then getting 3-D’ed for my efforts. It was fun.

Marvel.com: I actually remember that, I was watching it live. That was great. Also, since your career is being commemorated for the Hall of Fame, if you had to be remembered for one thing about everything else, what would you hope it would be?

Lita: Inspiring chicks to be who they want to be and who they really are and just going after what they want to do.

Marvel.com: Ok, moving over to our world, if you were invited to join the Avengers, what kind of skills would you bring to the team?

Invisible Woman by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Lita: My real life skills or do I get to pick what I want?

Marvel.com: Both.

Lita: Okay, so if it’s my real skills, I’m a great organizer. Like, OCD-level organizer so I can formulate business plans and I could take all of our skills and be like, “You’re gonna go do this.” I’m logistics and organizing in real life. And then in my virtual world of my team, I would want invisibility.

Marvel.com: Cool, why invisibility?

Lita: Because knowledge is power. So that way you can go and collect this knowledge and nobody would be the wiser because they wouldn’t know that you had this knowledge and then you could conquer the world.

Marvel.com: That’s awesome. If you were a part of the Marvel Universe, would you want to be a hero or a villain and why?

Lita: Well, the thing is, usually the villains are really just misunderstood or almost kind of like Walt in “Breaking Bad.” They didn’t start out as villains but then they get power hungry or things went awry or they kind of painted themselves into a corner. That’s just life. I think we’re all shades of grey. But being a hero, that’s too much pressure. I’ll just be a misunderstood villain.

Iron Man by Adi Granov

Marvel.com: What’s your favorite Marvel film?

Lita: I’m a fan of “Iron Man.” I think the character is great, I think it translated really well into the big screen.

Watch the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony live this Saturday on the WWE Network, and visit WWE.com for more information on WrestleMania XXX! You can also follow Lita on Twitter @AmyDumas



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