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To College And Beyond: Five Fresh Starts For Spider-Man

Prepare for the all-new Amazing Spider-Man #1 by checking out some of Peter Parker's other new beginnings!

After spending the last year locked in the trunk while Doctor Octopus sat behind his brain's steering wheel, Peter Parker has returned. The original Spider-Man swings into action in an all-new series, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. The debut issue, which hits stands on April 30, finds Peter wall-crawling his way towards another brand new starting point – one without the influence of Otto Octavius and his "superior" Spider-Man. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos will be the latest in a long line of new beginnings for Parker. To prepare for the true Spider-Man's return, here are five more of Peter Parker's freshest starts.

A start doesn't get much fresher than a character's first appearance. Spider-Man's debut way back in 1962's AMAZING FANTASY #15 includes numerous elements still found in Parker's adventures today, all packed into eleven pages!

The high school student introduced in AMAZING FANTASY #15 took his first step towards adulthood just a few years later. Peter Parker heads off to Empire State University in 1965's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, thus beginning the next chapter in Spider-Man's crime-fighting career. Upon first setting foot in this new status quo, Peter met Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn – two characters that would affect Spider-Man for years to come.

Amazing Spider-Man #252


The debut of Spider-Man's new black costume in 1984 signaled the start of the web-slinger's darkest era. Peter Parker wore an alien symbiote as a costume, dated a costumed vigilante named Black Cat, and fought off dangerous new villains like the maniacal Hobgoblin, ferocious Puma, and cutthroat Rose.

Just like AMAZING FANTASY #15 before it, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 kicked off an all-new journey for an all-new Peter Parker. Coinciding with the birth of Marvel's Ultimate Universe, this new series updated the hero's classic origin for the new millennium and allowed the story beats originally compressed into eleven pages to breath over multiple issues. The creation of the Ultimate Universe allowed a whole new generation of comic book readers to follow Parker's adventure from the very beginning.

The last fresh start Spider-Man underwent in the main Marvel Universe took place back in 2008's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546. The start of the Brand New Day era came with a number of refreshing changes made to Peter's status quo. Now single and with his secret identity firmly in place, Spider-Man began the most recent chapter of his super hero career by fighting off all new threats and making all new friends.

For the all-new adventures of Peter Parker, check out AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, on sale April 30th!



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iceclone22 plus member

I'm loving this.. just started to catch up on Spider-Man.


So moving with times, and to better manage his identity and time, he could become an online tutor for math and science. And there are many good online tutoring services to model around (like Classof1.com).

doktoranarky member

Skipped one. JMS had Parker become a school teacher at the beginning of his run, giving him a fresh start.