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Original Sin

Learn the Invaders' Buried Original Sin

The Invaders take a hard look at themselves with writer James Robinson's help!

After the world-shattering events of the first arc of ALL-NEW INVADERS, James Robinson doesn’t plan on giving the legendary heroes any chance to rest. The Original Sin event touches down this June in ALL-NEW INVADERS #6, and Robinson’s eager to bring secrets out into the open and examine the critical relationships between Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Winter Soldier, and the original Human Torch. Oh, and Robinson's eager to debut a brand new legacy character in the Marvel Universe. Read on…

Marvel.com: James, coming off the first story-arc, what’s everybody’s mindset in the cast? Are they ready for Original Sin?

James Robinson: Well, no, quite honestly. This particular situation does involve a lot of stuff with Captain America and, basically, that Jim Hammond, the Human Torch, is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. by issue #6. It’s his first mission and it immediately involves a new character, a new legacy hero that I created, who is the granddaughter of Golden Girl. She, for reasons of her career, happens to be in New York at the time of the event that begins Original Sin. She learns of a secret involving her past, her grandmother, and the Invaders, and because of that she seeks out Jim Hammond. He then has to reveal this element of the past that involves the Invaders which, if they’d taken a different route, if they had taken different choices, would have changed history. Jim has to explain why they did what they did and what the reasons were and everything else.

Marvel.com: What more can you tell us about this new legacy hero?

James Robinson: The new character, the granddaughter of the Golden Girl, is called Radiance. She’s Japanese, but has sort of made America her home. In her eyes, the Japanese have more interesting and more ornately praised names for heroes. The Japanese name for her is Supreme Radiant Friend, which suits her in Japan, obviously, but in America she’s Radiance.

      She’ll be coming into the book and coming and going, but I have plans for her down the line and it’s my attempt to bring in a little bit of ethnicity. I have another character with ethnicity in the next arc as well, so I’m bringing in a bit of ethnicity as well as the legacy heroes, adding to the sense of history while creating new, interesting heroes for the Invaders and the Marvel Universe.

      Marvel.com: You mentioned things that are going on with Captain America, that’s he’s remembering things; does Cap fully trust the other Invaders at this point?

      James Robinson: He doesn’t trust all of them. I don’t think anyone can trust Namor completely. Not because of anything necessarily utterly complicitous, but he is possibly the most mercurial hero character in the Marvel Universe. So you can never quite tell what he’s planning or what his goals are. But at the same time, as he’ll point out to Jim Hammond down the line, what they did together is…not saving his soul, but doing the right thing to feel good about some of the other decisions that he made in his life as ruler of Atlantis.

      Does Captain America trust the Winter Soldier? Yeah, he trusts Bucky completely. Does he trust Jim Hammond? Absolutely, which is why in ALL-NEW INVADERS #5, he lets Jim Hammond go join S.H.I.E.L.D. so that he has a man on the inside that he trusts because he’s pulled this way and that way by all the different teams he’s on and the life he leads. He needs somebody to be the guy that he trusts always. That’s the Human Torch.

      Marvel.com: It’s been a secret that Bucky’s been alive all this time - does that come up in this storyline?

      James Robinson: Well, I reference it. But there are things I can’t say because there are things going on in the Marvel Universe that I’m not sure I’m allowed to reveal. So the fact that he’s still alive is something that I will be referencing from time to time until the point where I’m not. I’m probably saying more there that I shouldn’t say.

      Marvel.com: Secrets are a part of being a superhero, but trust is also a big part of being on a team. What do you most want to say about those two themes in this storyline?

          James Robinson: I think the one thing ultimately that you’re going to see in my book, that will pay off relatively quickly within two issues is: You can lie because you’re deceitful. You can lie because you are evil. Sometimes you lie to spare someone the truth and sometimes you lie because you love somebody and you want them to not know some horrible, horrible, fact. It’s never a good thing to lie, ever, but if the person that does it loves you or you love that person, part of the process once you learn about that lie, is forgiveness and contrition. It’s contrition, but true contrition because everybody says “I’m sorry,” when they’re caught. It’s the people that say “I’m sorry,” that really mean it that are the people who you usually extend some forgiveness or put yourself in their shoes. That is a theme that we’ll see playing out in ALL-NEW INVADERS, as well as in FANTASTIC FOUR.

          Marvel.com: As a writer, what’s most important to do in taking a big event like Original Sin and folding it into Invaders?

          James Robinson: In terms of recent times, this is the first one I’ve done and I think it’s very writer-friendly. I’m probably very fortunate to get this one first because it’s definitely an event where obviously there’s the big ongoing storyline that Jason Aaron is writing, and he’s told me the story and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m very excited for everybody to read it, but I’m sure there are books that tie in very, very much with the Original Sin storyline, but at the same time for some of the books, especially for my books, it’s a sort of interesting springboard for your own ideas in your own book.

          You should read Jason’s story because it’s fantastic and it’s beautifully drawn and it’s a really wonderful comic book. But if you just read the FANTASTIC FOUR or if you just read ALL-NEW INVADERS, you can enjoy these stories by themselves. They are springboards, but they take off in their own direction and are their own stories that tie-in with the characters. They focus on the characters in the book. You don’t have to read any other book to enjoy them. So in terms of being a writer, it’s the best sort of crossover to have first.

              Down the line I’m sure I’ll get one of those ones where every Marvel hero is a panda. A panda version. By the way, that would be awesome, can I just say? If I ever get to write a Marvel crossover event, everyone’s going to be a panda.

              Original Sin enters ALL-NEW INVADERS beginning with issue #6 in June! 

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              LEGACY HEROES belong in the V-BATTALION, this series should be TIMELY HEROES ONLY[ http://www.reocities.com/ratmmjess/gaguide.html ][ http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/t/timelycomics.htm ] and just like DOCTOR DROOM[ Amazing Adventures #1(6/61) http://www.comics.org/issue/16297 ] was renamed DOCTOR DRUID so should the ORIGINAL MARVEL created GOLDEN GIRL be renamed GOLDEN DRAGON( steal a rival company's golden age name --Adventure Comics # 32(11/38) http://www.comics.org/issue/354/#627688  ---not like it hasn't happened before---SCARLET SCARAB[ Flash Comics #3(3/40) http://www.comics.org/issue/630/#11778 ]. Plus NEW GOLDEN AGE HEROES of COLOUR or FEMALE CHARACTERS should be CREATED THE MARVEL WAY: Patsy Walker to HELLCAT, Carol Danvers to MS. MARVEL, Bill Foster to BLACK GOLIATH, Frankie Raye to female HUMAN TORCH( then NOVA ), Tessa to SAGE, Amanda Sefton to MAGIK/DAYTRIPPER to name a few.


              After the invaders run is done, I would like a Cap and Winter Soldier Arc. 


              In Original Sin,will we finally see if there was anything more to the freak metallurgical accident that created Cap's shield?

              Don't tell me,Remender will show that Kang was responsible for the steel & vibranium bonding in the current Uncanny Avengers arc,ha,ha!