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Crack Your Knuckles with Shang-Chi's Deadliest Fights

Prepare for the master martial artist's new Deadly Hands of Kung Fu series by checking out some of his greatest battles!

The Avengers' resident martial arts master strikes out on his own this May in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #1. The series marks Shang-Chi's first extended solo adventure since joining up with Captain America and company full time in 2012's AVENGERS #1. The tale comes courtesy of writer of Mike Benson and artist Tan Eng Huat, who promise that this action-packed ride will be one of the most personal Shang-Chi has ever faced. We've compiled a list of five of Shang Chi's best brawls to serve as a reminder of just how tough the Master of Kung Fu can be.

With chaos reigning over A.I.M. island, Captain America teams up with Shang-Chi and Falcon to restore order by taking on pretty much every costumed criminal in the Marvel Universe. Everyone from Crossbones to Batroc the Leaper get brought to justice in this three-part epic, and Shang-Chi leaves no A.I.M. agent unpunched. Thanks to a classic super hero misunderstanding, he even ruffles a few of Falcon's feathers.

Shang-Chi's dad has never been the kind of parent that deserves a sentimental Father's Day card. Zheng Zu's less of a backyard barbecue kinda guy, and more of a criminal mastermind, send assassins to murder his son kinda guy. The martial artist known as Zaran usually got stuck with assassin duties, and he came foot-to-face with Shang-Chi on a number of occasions. Despite his menacing ponytail and wide array of weapons, Zaran has never been a match for Shang-Chi.

Alongside Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, Shang-Chi broke into a Shadow Council facility mining gravity-defying transmatter for nefarious purposes. With the laws of gravity thrown into chaos, Shang-Chi proved himself to be the master of a new M.C. Escher style of kung fu. 


Spider Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (2011) #1

When all of Manhattan's inhabitants received spider powers, Shang-Chi found himself gifted with the ability to crawl up walls and haunted by spiderific dreams. He used these new gifts to go after wall-crawling bad guys, but he didn't count on going up against the appropriately named Bride of Nine Spiders – a member of the Immortal Weapons, erstwhile ally of Iron Fist, and martial arts master in her own right.  

When some Avengers go to a swanky Hong Kong casino, they dress to impress and start placing bets. When Shang-Chi goes to a swanky Hong Kong casino, he single-handedly destroys about a dozen highly trained ninjas – while still dressed to impress. Sure, the guy's fine with being part of a team, he just knows that some disputes are easier settled when they're done one-on-twelve.

      Check out this martial arts master's all-new adventures in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #1, on sale this May!

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