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Get to Know Six International Super Heroes Who Make It an Avengers World

Do-gooders from all over the globe comprise Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

The ongoing series AVENGERS WORLD may be a recent addition to Earth's mightiest publishing schedule, but the Avengers have been an international team for almost 50 years. Ever since the Eastern European twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver joined their ranks in AVENGERS (1963) #16, a number of representatives from all across the globe have walked through the Avengers Mansion doors and stood alongside Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. With their recently expanded ranks, the Avengers have prepared themselves to protect not just America, but the entirety of Earth – and they have heroes that ensure a home field advantage on every populated continent. In no particular order, meet six international Avengers members.


The cunning Jessica Drew doesn't bring her origin story up all that up much, so readers might be surprised to learn that she hails from London, England. She actually might have dual citizenship – if the High Evolutionary actually bothers with such things on Wundagore Mountain, that is.


Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2009) #1

You can tell Black Widow's been around a long time because her birth certificate has Stalingrad on it, a Russian city renamed Volgograd in 1961. But Natasha Romanoff's origin really encompasses all of her home country, from Moscow to Kaliningrad.


Born in his criminal mastermind father's fortress in the Henan Province of China, Shang-Chi initially focused his heroism in his home country before expanding outwards. He recently fought alongside Captain America's Secret Avengers in Hong Kong, where his dad Zheng Zu had teamed up with the Shadow Council.


Professor Xavier's first recruits for the New Mutants included teenagers from vastly different backgrounds, from Scotland to Vietnam and Brazil, home country of the new Avenger Sunspot. Early on in the team's time together, Roberto da Costa took his new friends down to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.


Thanks to his teleportation powers, the Avenger Eden Fesi can skip the long flight back to his home in the Kata Tjuta rock formations in Australia's Northern Territory. Daisy Johnson and Sebastian Druid really needed Manifold's abilities, especially after they wrecked their plane while on their mission to recruit him.


The African nation called Wakanda not only has Black Panther as their king, but they also have him as their Avenger. T'Challa's strong leadership has allowed the technologically advanced nation to thrive even when he's away on Avengers duty.

For more international Avengers action, check out AVENGERS WORLD #5 on April 30!

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