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Assess the Future-Facing Mutants Of All-New X-Factor

Explore the origins of Serval Industries' newly assembled super hero team!

After years of countries and governments claiming ownership over various super hero teams, a corporation has finally stepped up to the bar. Serval Industries, a company primarily known as a producer of innovative mass-market electronics and high-tech weaponry, now has a group of mutants on their payroll – the all-new X-Factor! From their luxurious headquarters located in the heart of Serval Industries' Virginia compound, these heroes take customer service to a whole new level.

Since ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #6 saw the final piece of the team's puzzle snapped into place, here's a run-down of who's who on the new mutant team, paired with their first appearance!

The super-speedster called Quicksilver initially appeared as a reluctant adversary of the X-Men. As a member of his father Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Pietro Maximoff used his mutant powers to put the Earth in peril. Maximoff soon saw the error of his ways, and he joined the Avengers alongside his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch. Pietro's used to following a chain of command, as he previously served with X-Factor during their period as a government-sponsored team of mutant peacekeepers.

Polaris has a lot in common with her teammate Quicksilver; they're both children of Magneto and alumni of previous X-Factor incarnations. Like her father, Lorna Dane possesses a mastery over magnetism that arguably makes her the most powerful member of this all-new X-Factor. But Polaris hasn't been the same since she learned the shocking truth about her parentage in X-FACTOR (2005) #260. Now she tries to hide her wavering confidence with Serval Industries-sponsored swagger.

Doug Ramsey's never had the flashiest super power – he can instantly understand and speak any language known to man. Cypher's affinity for computers allowed him to strike up a fast friendship with Kitty Pryde, and he eventually made friends with his teammates on the New Mutants. Recently Doug went on a trip through time – starting in NEW MUTANTS (2010) #44 – that showed him a horrific future brought about by his own ruthlessness. Mr. Ramsey's been so haunted by that misadventure that he decided to take his own life – right before Serval's super team showed up on his doorstep.

The techno-organic being called Warlock can be classified as a mutant because of a curious quirk in his development that rid him of the bloodlust that characterizes his alien race. Warlock crashed to Earth and came under the care and protection of the New Mutants, a team that he eventually joined and thrived in. Warlock met Doug Ramsey, a mutant whose language powers allowed him to understand Warlock better than anyone else, and the two formed an unbreakable bond – one that's back in action now that this all-new X-Factor has reunited them.

As a thief, adventurer, and all around scoundrel, Gambit seems like a curious fit for Serval Industries. After all, he didn't come across as much of a team player way back when he first joined the X-Men, circa UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #270. Gambit's grown since then, though, and while he still enjoys getting up to no good on his own, he's more than willing to put his kinetically-charged cards to work for a good cause. It may seem unlikely, but Gambit might just be the glue holding the all-new X-Factor together.

A super hero team can't be complete if they don't a wildcard on their roster. Danger fills that role nicely. Even though she's been an ally of the X-Men for a while now, memories her deadly debut still lurk within her teammates recent memories. As the artificial intelligence that powered the X-Mansion's training facility, affectionately referred to as the Danger Room, Danger became intimately familiar with every X-Man's strengths and weaknesses. When Danger broke free of her programming and assembled a body for herself, she knew the most efficient ways to kill every mutant to ever wear an "X." Danger's reformed, but there's still an element of her namesake lingering around her.

To see this team in action, check out ALL-NEW X-FACTOR and pick up issue #7 on May 7!

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I like X-Factor, when Cyclop,Jean Gray, Beast, IceMan,Angle ,were the First Group, When Havok, Polaris, strongGuy,WolfBane,etc, replace turned out pretty good, then they went Dark Street level heroes, third group,Multiple man ,Siryn,M,etc, Now this Group takes over,think about it QuickSilver,he's the problem that started "House of M" Gambit,He not cool if he's not a thief plus" what they forgot the whole Apocalypse story where he betrayed the X-men, & then there's Danger,thats an A.I. that should be with Avengers A.I. During the Avengers vs X-men , She tortured, HawkEye, SpiderWoman, & Cage,Unforgiveable,you have a group of Anti-Heroes here,they would have to go classic storyline just to fix this group & there not going do that, still waiting


This is just one of those second Rate X-Men "X-Factor" that doesn't work,You have Three "Heroes" that can't be trusted, QuickSilver, Danger, & Gambit,

dcgregorya member

@mightyjoe2xl  I'm not sure I'd qualify Gambit as non-trustworthy anymore.  He hasn't been for a while now - if anything he's the most "well adjusted" one there.  QuickSilver's motives aren't nefarious, he's just keeping an eye out for his sister - who if anything is probably the biggest actual wildcard out of the bunch.  It's a good dynamic I think and Peter David has been doing a nice job so far.