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Explore Nick Fury's Past in Original Sin

Ales Kot brings this summer’s major event into the realm of Infinite Comics!



Secrets can be tough, even for spies. Perhaps most of all for spies.

As the events of Original Sin unfold, an “information blast” rattles the intelligence community. Even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s own Nick Fury sees a well-guarded secret dredged from the depths of his shadowy career. Of course, it’s not merely a private shame; it’s a threat to everything and everyone in existence.

Writer Ales Kot airs that dirty laundry in an all new ORIGINAL SIN INFINITE COMIC with storyboards by Mast and Geoffo and art by Ryan Kelly.

“Nick Fury usually does as he's told,” Kot explains. “That’s one of the reasons why he's considered a good soldier. One time, though, he didn't follow the rules; and instead of executing a scientist, he let him go, and allowed him to have a new life. Nick keeps it to himself, but then Original Sin comes—and Nick's secret is out.”

      Some secrets have a half-life. This one, however, gets more dangerous as it passes from one hand to the next.

      “The black hat hacker who figures out the scientist is alive sells his location to the highest bidder, who is...oops, Chameleon,” reveals Kot. “Nick and Coulson go after the scientist, just as his creation appears out in the wild. What if he created an artificial intelligence unlike any before? What if that A.I. could rewrite reality like code?”

      Though the ramifications will be more tangential to Kot’s ongoing SECRET AVENGERS, the Infinite Comic sheds further light on one of its key relationships, an increasingly important dynamic in the greater Marvel Universe.

      As the writer explains, “It does give us another angle of seeing the relationship between Fury and Coulson, who is Fury's confidante and someone he can lean on. Coulson decides to help Fury clean up his mess, and he shows us something new about himself in the process.”

          As for what it reveals about Fury himself, that’s a little murkier.

          “I don't believe in good or bad men,” says Kot. “I believe in people who make good or bad choices. I don't believe in any such thing as ‘greater good.’ I believe that Nick Fury does what he does because he believes in it, and because it gives him a way to sleep at night. Whether that's a case of him avoiding some deeper truth about life or something he genuinely believes in, I am not entirely sure.

          “He's certainly a very competent man, I’ll give him that,” he continues. “And as with any person on Earth, his potential is limitless. The thing is—does he know it?”

          “And oh,” adds Kot. “Hail Hydra.”

              The ORIGINAL SIN INFINITE COMIC will be available May 21


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