Original Sin

C2E2 2014: Daredevil

Mark Waid explores the connection between Matt Murdock and his mother as part of Original Sin!



Now that Original Sin has begun, no secret in the Marvel Universe will be able to resist being dragged into the light. This summer’s mighty Marvel event promises to pull truths from even the darkest corners of Hell's Kitchen. This means trouble for Daredevil. The Man Without Fear may have moved across the country to San Francisco to get a fresh start, but just because he's run across the country doesn't mean he can outrun his past.

July's DAREDEVIL #6 and #7, written by Mark Waid with art by Javier Rodriguez, will bring Murdock face to face with the most mysterious figure from his past: his mother.

To unearth the origins of this Original Sin, we spoke with writer Mark Waid.

Marvel.com: What inspired you to tell this story about Matt's mother for DAREDEVIL's Original Sin tie-in?

Mark Waid: It was actually a suggestion by [Marvel Chief Creative Officer] Joe Quesada, as I recall.  But it's a hell of a challenge, because what we're attempting is a very dangerous story to tell.

Marvel.com: Does Matt have any emotional or psychological issues that you can directly link to his lack of a relationship with his mother? Is that something you've been conscious of while writing him these past few years?

Mark Waid: Honestly, it's not something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, which is odd. I suppose that's because so much of Matt's history revolves around his father. But we're about to reveal an emotional connection heretofore unmentioned.

Marvel.com: Daredevil's mother hasn't really been seen since Kevin Smith's run almost 15 years ago. Is there a particular reason why you think this corner of DD's history has been left untouched, and is it exciting to be able to fill in some of those gaps?

      Mark Waid: It's exciting, but at the same time, it's scary. This seems to me to be very thin ice. I think there's a reason Matt's mother has been used so sparingly, and that's because no one wants to be the writer who screws her up.  But I think we have a strong hook that tells us a lot more about her than we'd previously suspected.

      Marvel.com: Daredevil recently relocated to San Francisco, but he grew up in Manhattan. Will this story take him back to NYC?

      Mark Waid: A bit of it is in NYC because of the Original Sin mechanics, but if it goes as planned, the second part of the story—issue #7—will take Matt someplace I don't believe he's ever been seen before.

      Marvel.com: Can you give us any hints about the conflicts or possible threats Daredevil will encounter during this two-part story?

      Mark Waid: Matt learns something very startling about his mother in the ORIGINAL SIN limited series that he's compelled to investigate, but there's a reason he can't just ask her directly about it and end the story on page five. All I can say about her current situation is that Matt will never be more regretful that he's no longer licensed to practice law in New York State...

      Mark Waid: What's Daredevil's state of mind like going into this Original Sin story? Is he finally adjusting to his new San Francisco surroundings, or is this surprise coming at a less than great time?

      Mark Waid: Trust me, there is no good time for the reveal that's about to be visited upon Matt's head.

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