C2E2 2014

C2E2 2014: Daredevil #0.1

Mark Waid brings the Infinite Comics adventures of the Man Without Fear to print this July!



Daredevil's new San Francisco-fied status quo greatly differs from what readers have grown accustomed to, as the hero of Hell's Kitchen has traded swinging between skyscrapers for hitching rides on cable cars. For Daredevil fans that missed the digital-first limited series that bridges the cross-country gap between DAREDEVIL (2011) #36 and this year's DAREDEVIL #1, we have good news for you! A print edition of DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR will leap into your hands as DAREDEVIL #0.1 this July.

Written by DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid with art by Peter Krause, this new-to-print story shows the Man Without Fear going up against a number of classic Marvel bad guys, all while ADA Kirsten McDuffie rides shotgun.

As Waid revealed to us in this exclusive interview, one of those villains might just return to give Daredevil some more road rage.

Marvel.com: This story was originally conceived of as one of Marvel's digital-first Infinite Comics. How has the ROAD WARRIOR reading experience changed, now that it's being presented in the traditional print format?

Mark Waid: It's still a white-knuckle story, still a good new-reader-friendly one-shot, but it's been a fascinating experience in reverse engineering to condense it back down into about 38 to 40 print pages. A little dialogue has to be trimmed, but it looks like we can fit all the art in there and that makes me very happy.

Marvel.com: For readers that initially missed ROAD WARRIOR, what questions about Matt's new status quo are answered in this adventure?

Mark Waid: A little more about "why San Francisco." Also, a little more on "why Kirsten came along."

Marvel.com: Are there any road trip tropes that you were excited to play with, or are there any that you wish you could have worked into the story?

Mark Waid: Oh, so many I wanted to work in. Locales—Devil's Tower!—landscapes; but every story has to focus on something, and ultimately [artist] Pete [Krause] and I got a lot of mileage, no pun intended, out of the planes, trains and automobiles aspect of it all—no easy trip, this. Not once Matt gets distracted by the Man With No Heartbeat.

      Marvel.com: You've played a few long games in your Daredevil run so far. Are there any plot points from ROAD WARRIOR that you plan to revisit in this new volume of DAREDEVIL?

      Mark Waid: Let's just say that Daredevil's now permanently high on the Mad Thinker's enemies list. And I love me some Mad Thinker stories.

      Marvel.com: You get to play with some rather obscure and classic Marvel villains in this story, notably Man-Bull. What's your thought-process when picking villains?

      Mark Waid: For Daredevil, honestly, a lot of the time it's a matter of reaching into other corners of the Marvel Universe for foes not normally associated with DD; see: Mad Thinker. I lean towards villains who aren't so flamboyantly visual with their fight moves that it makes a blind man's job easier to detect them. That said Man-Bull definitely fits the bill of "I need a jobber whose entire task in the story is to trundle towards Matt like a bullet train."

      Marvel.com: Kirsten McDuffie's a relatively new addition to Matt Murdock's life, and yet she packed up and moved to San Francisco with Daredevil. What role does Kirsten play in this story, and is she the type of person that would ever doubt her decision to follow a super hero across the country?

      Mark Waid: She's not big on self-doubt, which is one of the things I—and Matt—like about her. They both kind of have the same motto: "Eyes closed, face first, can't lose." Which will absolutely be her downfall sooner than later.

      Marvel.com: This story also teamed you up with longtime collaborator Peter Krause. What was it like bringing him into the Daredevil family?

      Mark Waid: Terrific. Drawing DD was high atop Pete's list of dream jobs, and he brought his A-Plus game. Always a delight to partner up with Mr. Krause!

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